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Kwisatz Haderach
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I don't want Odom.. I want Maggette.

I watched Maggette in games last year (like against the Lakers), where the man just exploded and was playing so well that they had to severely limit D. Miles' minutes. We all know that C.Maggs is the odd man out in their logjam at SF/SG, so why not take him?

And even if I'm not too fond of dealing off Snow, getting a second scorer, and quality perimeter defender like Maggette is worth while. And also for other Sixer fans to realize, McKie was the man running point guard when we accumalated the 41-14 record in our Eastern Championship year.

But only problem with this plan, is it would call for us to bring in a veteran PG for the exception, or league minimum, to come off the bench.

That'd make the lineup of:

McKie, Iverson, Maggette, Coleman, Mutombo

Doesn't sound too impressive, but it does give us a secondary scorer, and is such an improvement over Harpring, it's not funny.

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