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Trade Scenario: Gooden for Barbaso

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I'm just trying to guage to see if there would be any interest in this from a Phoenix perspective.

Gooden is a restricted FA this year and I would like the Cavs to keep him but we have 2 PF's in Marshall and Anderson who are eating up PT as well. Cleveland has a gaping hole at the PG spot which Barbaso would fill perfectly IMO: he doesn't have to be a traditional PG because we have Hughes and Lebron but his quickness and shooting ability would be ideal.

From the Suns I note you guys are over the cap, Kurt Thomas doesn't look all that great, and of course the Amare injury concerns. Now I think Gooden would thrive in a Phoenix environment: he runs the floor really well, has stopped taking dumb shots, and he is a terrific rebounder. Ain't a good defender but on the whole seems like a great fit for Phoenix.

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I don't know, I kinda like Barbosa. But we do need a bigger guy. I think I'd really consider this if I'm the Suns.
Kurt Thomas may not look great but he sure did a lot for us w.o having to do much. Just his presence had helped us.

I don't know about this trade. I wouldn't wanna get stuck with a bad contract later on if we trade and then sign Gooden to an extension. We also may go after a guy like Hilton Armstrong in mid first rd too. Not to mention, it also looks like the organization wants to keep Barbosa from what I hear.
Is Cavs instead in Barbosa?

Barbosa... he's been a solid 2nd-tier scoring PG who can't handle pressure situation due to lack of experience or confidence or the skills (by constantly looking at floor when he drives). Diaw is even a better distributor than Barbosa.

I don't mind having Barbosa but I do want a decent big guy who is athletic enough to follow Nash. Our size is beyond small.
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