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Why don't Philadelphia and Miami make this trade?

Sixers trade Coleman to Heat for Brian Grant.

Sixers traded Mutumbo so they need defense. Brian Grant provides defense and hustle and is great in the community.

Miami would do this just because Coleman's contract comes off the books after this season which would give them a lot of caproom. Coleman would also provide them with some offense like Anthony Mason did when he was on the Heat. But the main reason the Heat do this is because of his contract.

What do you think?

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This trade occurred to me a couple of days ago, too.

But I don't know. I think Pat Riley actually really LIKES Brian Grant. Riles is a little out of touch.

The 76ers would have to throw in Mark Bryant to make the deal work. Or John Salmons.

I think this deal makes a lot of sense, too, for the reasons you specified.

Here's perhaps a BETTER way for Philly to improve their frontcourt:

Popeye Jones (sign-and-trade), Christian Laettner, and Chris Whitney to the 76ers; Derrick Coleman and Mark Bryant to the Wiz

MJ wants to clear off cap space for next summer, too. He seems to have a better feel for this whole salary cap game than Riles does. Popeye gives the team the kind of role-playing rebounder/defender that Philly needs at PF (Tyrone Hill was a better fit for this team than Derrick Coleman is). And Christian Laettner, well, you know what, he's not as bad as you think, he's not a bad bench player, especially for a well-coached veteran team. Chris Whitney is a nice guy to have around, too.

Here's what Philly would be looking at next year if they made that deal:

Starting lineup

PG Eric Snow (28 minutes/game)
SG Allen Iverson (40 minutes/game)
SF Keith Van Horn (32 minutes/game)
PF Popeye Jones (24 minutes/game)
C Todd MacCulloch (32 minutes/game)

Key reserves: Aaron McKie (28 minutes/game), Christian Laettner (24 minutes/game), Greg Buckner (16 minutes/game), Chris Whitney (8 minutes/game), Monty Williams (8 minutes/game)

End of the bench (no PT): John Salmons, Samuel Dalembert, Alvin Jones, whoever else

You're getting 56 minutes/game out of Popeye, Laettner, and Whitney, as opposed to, what, 32 minutes/game out of Coleman?

HERE are three other possibilities, by the way--but I like the Washington trade scenario the BEST, by FAR!

Ervin Johnson and Anthony Mason to the 76ers; Derrick Coleman to the Bucks

Hakeem Olajuwon and Jerome Williams to the 76ers; Derrick Coleman and Mark Bryant to the Raptors

Adonal Foyle, Danny Fortson, and Bobby Sura to the 76ers; Derrick Coleman, Eric Snow, and Mark Bryant to the Warriors

REGARDLESS! Philly NEEDS to improve that frontcourt, don't you think? I guess you DO think, otherwise you wouldn't have made that post!

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I pretty much agree with everything said so far, except with the Toronto trade, that just doesn't make sense. Think about it, with the loss of Keon Clark, the Raptors are already alot thinner in the frontcourt. Then if they traded Hakeem Olajuwon AND Jerome Williams, just for a scrub and coleman (who many people think is a scrub), what would the Raptors end up with?

PF: Antonio Davis/ Mark Bryant
C: Derrick Coleman/ N'diaye

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