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Each team needs to have at least 46 players on the roster at any time, however no more than 55 during the season. Players on IR do not count towards that total.

Each side can include up to 5 trading pieces (players or draft picks) in a deal, conditional draft picks are not allowed. Future draft picks can only be dealt up to three years in advance, meaning that you cannot trade any draft picks beyond 2011 this season. Every team has all of their draft picks, past real life trades are not being considered.

Once both sides have reached an agreement, one needs to create a thread in the "trades" forum, the other will have to confirm. There will be no trade committee, however if someone shows a tendency to fishy trades, I will consider that and make a decision. I don't think that is going to be the case with anyone though.

The Trade Deadline will be Friday, March 27.
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