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And so it begins...

According to Verbal Commits here on 3/15/22, the following A-10 players have entered the portal:

Taylor Funk, Joeys
Jack Forest, Joeys
Anwar Gill, Sallies
Kyle Thompson, Sallies
Christian Ray, Sallies
Antwan Walker, Rhodies
Tres Berry, Rhodies
Ishmael Legget, Rhodies
Malik Martin, Rhodies
Toby Okani, Dukies
Xavier Johnson, George Masies
Sam Shelton, George Masies
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I expected it. One thing that I do not like about Rhoades is combo choices and minute distribution....
I'm sorry, I root for Bona. What do you mean by "minute distribution"?
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PY, my man forever.

"Must I at length the Sword of Justice Draw? Oh, curst Effects of necessary Law! How ill my Fear they by my Mercy scan, Beware the Fury of a Patient Man."

-- John Dryden
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If you would open your MLA Style manual, res, you would know that forward slashes are used to indicate line breaks when quoting poetry!
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Not so curious, perhaps. He got the most minutes of any Bona bench player, but not that many. He also wants to play the 4, but 98% of his minutes were at the 5.
Bill Russell has entered the college instructor transfer portal. Receiving interest from Jamestown Community College - Cattaraugus County Campus among others.
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Yes, this was exactly the intent of the NIL. I'm not sure why everyone is surprised, or possibly feigning surprise. Some form of college athletics has been a cesspool since the late 19th century. It started out in baseball and football. Basketball has largely taken baseball's place. Blame the "kids" all you want, but it is we rabid fans that generate the revenues that cause all of the corruption. If you disagree, than explain to me why we don't seem to have a similar problem with men's cross country or women's crew. The NIL is a ham-handed recognition of the situation.

And it has always amused me that the "greed" card is always played when someone else is getting the proceeds. We all earn our money through hard work in noble causes.
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The above not directed specifically at you, Bill. Will it ruin the game? Quite possibly. Probably not before time.
Yea, they are a victim of their own success. At least they got a good chunk of change for that E8 run.
Yes and no. Giving appears to be up, but all MAAC members get an equal share of those tournament units.
I hear Shoon is getting $250 for every flex.
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One of the things about Bilas and others who thought scholarship athletes should be able to transfer like a 'regular' student that they avoided like the plague, was if we do that lets hold scholarship athletes to the same admission standards as the 'regular' students.
You've just identified the Patriot League. The Fieldhouse would be nice and cozy with the 1,800 of you who would show up for a game.
It's not a bad thing. I'm an alum of a PL school. I was all for it when it first formed and still am. The problem is that those types of schools are finding it harder and harder to compete in D1 basketball and FCS football. It's getting to the point where it makes no sense any longer. Might as well go D3.
10 of Iona's 11 returnees have entered the portal.
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