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Transfer Portal

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And so it begins...

According to Verbal Commits here on 3/15/22, the following A-10 players have entered the portal:

Taylor Funk, Joeys
Jack Forest, Joeys
Anwar Gill, Sallies
Kyle Thompson, Sallies
Christian Ray, Sallies
Antwan Walker, Rhodies
Tres Berry, Rhodies
Ishmael Legget, Rhodies
Malik Martin, Rhodies
Toby Okani, Dukies
Xavier Johnson, George Masies
Sam Shelton, George Masies
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All the Spiders are playing in their 8th year.
No portal for those guys.
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If you ever show up there when I'm on Kiawah, I'll buy a round at King St Grille, or better yet at Fisher's at the marina.
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The Continental School of Beauty on Barry Street has an opening which his qualifications may fit perfectly. Small classes also.
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Flagship? I thought that was VCU?
Got to remember the sarcasm font switch.
Spiders pick up a sharpshooter in the form of the SoCon rookie of the year...

Deleted tweet. What did it say?
Epic, some big booster got involved?
Filling some holes:
The only possible way I could understand what's going with NIL's and the transfer portal, at the depth that you guys do, is to devote a lot of hours in research.

I'm way too old. Wake me up when it's all sorted out. Thanks in advance.
Did Florida (boosters) pay Lofton like the Miami guys did for their transfers?
I'm not reading a lot about NIL deals for guys going to the P5 teams.
Think they are getting some like the Miami kids?
Is all the portal in and out, and all the transferring now done?
I don't know who Watson is. Katsock plays for Davidson.
Fernandez follows English to Providence.
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Wait; I thought it was bad form for a coach to change schools and take players with him.

What changed?
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Guess we will find out if VCU can compete in the Big Ten.
What did it say? It's apparently been deleted.
Reading the VCU thread with all its commits, just glaring in the difference between now, and a few short years ago.
With no sit-out year, teams are built on the fly with seasoned players transferring around like checkers. We use to focus on the freshman class and how they would gel, and how soph/juniors would move up to replace the departing seniors.
Remember the big "jump" we expected between freshman and sophomore years?
Why worry about a jump, just go grab a junior or senior from the portal.
Strange days.
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You do realize that VCU lost almost their entire team right? Odom does not have time to get kids out of high school to fill next year's roster.
Sure, I understand that. It's a product of coaches switching and taking players, and guys looking for more playing time, and the death of the sit-out a year rule.
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