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And so it begins...

According to Verbal Commits here on 3/15/22, the following A-10 players have entered the portal:

Taylor Funk, Joeys
Jack Forest, Joeys
Anwar Gill, Sallies
Kyle Thompson, Sallies
Christian Ray, Sallies
Antwan Walker, Rhodies
Tres Berry, Rhodies
Ishmael Legget, Rhodies
Malik Martin, Rhodies
Toby Okani, Dukies
Xavier Johnson, George Masies
Sam Shelton, George Masies
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I saw this coming and I am not happy about it. I like Brown-Jones and Coach Rhoades screwed up with how little he used him.

Really? His role was expanding at the end of the year and I was looking forward to a lot more minutes from him next year. I didn't expect this. This sucks!
I expected it. One thing that I do not like about Rhoades is combo choices and minute distribution. He also has a bad track record with players he gets out of the portal. Brown-Jones was not utilized properly. When he got minutes the team would win. For an example, I went to Winston-Salem and the choices were horrendous. DeLoach was doing great BUT they kept subbing him for Ward or Stockard. At one point DeLoach had a great stretch and he was pulled after scoring 4 points in a row. Ward came in and took a bad shot then walked back down the court as Wake pushed for a lay up. Timeout and DeLoach came back in. Stockard has been a disaster and he should not have been getting minutes. It was obvious that Brown-Jones was unhappy with playing minimal minutes. He would go to the end of the bench and put his warm-up shirt back on.

Brown-Jones played 6 mins against SLU (L), 9 mins against UR (L), 5 Mins against Princeton (W), and 7 mins against Wake (L)....The previous 4 games he played no fewer than 10 mins, and had no fewer than 7 pts in those 4 games & VCU won all 4. And eight of the previous nine games, he played at least 10 minutes, twice over 20 minutes.

VCU is a guard heavy school and they don't utilize the bigs as much as they should especially when they put forth the effort this kid did.

Another issue I have is having guys like Nichols and Tsohonis out of the portal. They have given little. Well, Nichols has given nothing. I worry that Rhoades will swing and miss with a replacement. My only hope is that he cuts the line-up back a bit and plays the incoming freshmen good minutes. Fermin and Billups need to play right away. The combo of Ace, Nunn and Watkins and then everything is up in the air. DeLoach needs more minutes than Ward in my opinion. I could go on but needless to say I knew riding back from NC that Brown-Jones was leaving. I am not happy about it either. This is on coach.
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I'm sorry, I root for Bona. What do you mean by "minute distribution"?
He plays lots of players and some that come in for short spurts play better than guys that play heavier minutes.
I'm sorry, I root for Bona. What do you mean by "minute distribution"?
Oh now I get it.

I do wish that he would narrow his rotation to 8 players.

In my opinion, this isn’t much of a loss for VCU. The guy sort of had loser vibes.
He played less minutes at VCU than he did at Washington.
You mean the I played P5 too good I will be your savior but I'm actually not that great vibe?
He was not a good fit. He came in as a guy that was supposed to be able to shoot. He had some moments where he hit 3s but overall his shot was not consistent. His D was sub-par and I just think it was a miss on VCU's part. Tsohonis seemed like a good guy but it just did not work out. I think he will end up back on the west coast. Rhoades has missed on transfers since he was brought back from Rice. Jimmy Nichols from Providence is another head scratcher. He basically sat at the end of the bench all season. My guess is that he will leave too and there might be more.
Nichols and Banks are the two I thought would be the most likely to leave. Funny that two others announced first. If that's the case, that's 6 spots total with the seniors leaving and 4 transfers.

And yeah, replacing with transfers hasn't worked out much for Rhoades. We'll see how it works out this time.
At least one player would be coming out of high school. VCU has their eyes on a 6'8 shooter named Bobi Klintman.
Oh yeah, I'm aware of him, the Maryland de-commit. He's my top target/hope for the team, outside of Dilione reclassifying to 22. But I don't think we're filling all the holes with freshmen.
At this rate they might go from no spots to five spots available. I do not think Vince will return but you never know.
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Michigan freshman guard, Zeb Jackson, a top 75 recruit, has committed to VCU.
I was driving to Seabrook Island all day and my phone was binging non-stop 😂 Great news to get at a South Carolina rest stop. Welcome Zeb!
Not 100% surprised by this, but still a blow to vcu
I hate to be that guy because I do not like to talk about players especially when they are leaving because it sounds like sour grapes BUT Hason had no mid-range game, he was not a rebounder and he rarely played aggressive enough to get opposing centers in foul trouble. I like Ward and hoped he would progress. After being at the Wake game right behind the VCU bench watching him sleep walk while DeLoach was giving max effort I kind of got over it. VCU has DeLoach and Fermin is coming in as an aggressive glass protector/rebounder. Add the player from Queens and get a big they will be fine. I know I know...Queens is DII BUT I really like him at 6'8. Hard worker and he can finish. Never know what will happen. Overall it looks like a smack to VCU but for me it is a chance to move away from lackadaisical play that the front court endured last season.
Hason could block shots and get some spectacular oops though. Oh well...they come and go these days.
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Do you know if the guy from Queens is coming? Or just mentioning because we reached out to him?
I was already thinking we needed another big before this. Could use 2 now.
Not sure if he is coming. I do like him. Another surprise could be Roosevelt Wheeler. He is from Richmond And VCU recruited him hard. He liked VCU but chose Louisville. I have a feeling good things will happen in the front court only because it has to. The front court was a mess this year.
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