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Traylor eyes comeback after heart surgery

By Roscoe Nance, USA TODAY

Free agent Robert "Tractor" Traylor plans to resume working out in six weeks after heart surgery last week, his agent, Andre Colona, said Monday.

Colona said that Traylor, who played for Cleveland last season, failed a physical with the New Jersey Nets during the offseason because of an enlarged aorta. The condition was discovered when Traylor had an echocardiogram during team physicals — as part of his exam with the Nets.

"We were upset at the time when he failed his physical," Colona said. "But for that test, he would have been playing and wouldn't have known the danger he would have been facing. After we looked at everything and sorted it out, it was a blessing in disguise."

Colona said the procedure was "preventative" and Traylor could have played with the condition but there would have been a 40% chance his aorta would rupture.

The NBA is considering uniform physicals, which could include echocardiograms. Several players have had heart-related problems in recent months, including Atlanta Hawks center Jason Collier, whose death last month has been attributed to an enlarged heart.
I wish the Tractor the best. Hopefully there won’t be any more health problems in his immediate future and he’ll resume his career in the NBA.
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