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"Who is the only Blazer to have played in each game this season? "
I'm guessing that would be Blake?
ETA-Wrong and surprised,though the thought did cross my mind. (short trip :laugh: )
"If you're an owner, how much (monetarily) is a player's health worth"
In the case of the Blazers owner,considering Theos history and contract it evidently doesn't figure into the equation at all. Even with the understanding that anything can happen during the course of a season,"if I'm an owner",injury history (or lack of) would and should be taken into consideration. How much? Depends.
"Did injuries this season help the Blazers (evaluation-wise) more than hurt them (w/l)?"
It helped because even though it was supposed to be an evaluation type season,Nate professed that he would have a tough time keeping that in mind rather than going for the win. IIRC he asked his asssistants to remind him of the fact when need be. With all the injuries that occurred this year,the younger players got more playing time and some were played out of position,Zach at center etc.
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