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Interesting you think they will be yawners. I think they will be hard fought games. You never know who will show up for UMass although they do not have a bad loss. They beat SLU and even in the OOC they lost to decent teams and beat some good teams. I feel like Matt Cross is the guy VCU needs o keep under wraps. I worry that VCU might be out of it after the Friday win at UD and an upcoming Friday night game at UR. This team cannot afford to sleep on anyone. I don't think that they will by the way. They know UMass is good.
I don’t think vcu has had a yawner yet this season. It’s hard to when you spot your opponent 10 points and the play the rest of the way in a comeback.
I expect an early bug lead for UMass tonight, and then hopefully a vcu lead by halftime.
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