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UCLA's Mata Breaks Nose Again

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INDIANAPOLIS -- UCLA backup center Lorenzo Mata broke his nose during the Bruins' first practice after arriving for the Final Four, and will wear a mask in Saturday's semifinal against LSU.

Mata was seen by an ear, nose and throat specialist Thursday, although no X-rays were taken, coach Ben Howland said.

He was injured Wednesday night.

Mata also broke his nose at Arizona State on Jan. 7.
Mata just cant get a break, pun intended. UCLA has had injury problems all year long and have survived. The rest of the Pac-10 fans along with myself, will be rooting for the Bruins, no matter how much I/we hate them.

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Hollins also has a knee contusion. He'll be ready for tomorrow despite that but he may be affected.

edit: i hear he's actually having some problems with it but he's gonna give it a go. Alfred Aboya and *gasp* Michael Fey better be ready to go. This is not a good omen.
Just what we need...our front line to bang themselves up in time for Big Baby and LSU's monster front line. We'd better pressure the f**k out of the ball handlers bringing the ball up and hope to force some turnovers that way. Otherwise, I think we're getting our tails handed to us tomorrow.
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