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The game just started overtime, I was just thinking however, that I cannot remember a team that has so much talent but appears to show so little heart, and play so under themselves. This Uconn team should be murdering people, but they fail to put anyaone away. They have survived every game in this tourament because of a few good minutes of basketball.
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That's because Calhoun is turning into bobby Knight - whatch how he treats his players.
UCONN reminded me of Charlotte. Lots of talent but not so much heart/emotion. They are just too relaxed and the team that played with more passion won.
That team seemed to be living on "borrowed" time.
UConn acts like a pro team. I went to the games on Friday night and even during warm-ups, it was evident that they were just going through the motions. Just had an attitude that said, "we have such good players that we don't need to play hard."
I don't know if somebody clued Calhoun in about his deterioating image but he was classy and gracious in defeat. BTW, George Mason is for real. Don't know if they can get it done verse Florida/Villanova--but why not?
Mason is definitely legitimate. Thomas and Lewis can play with any frontcourt in the nation, including Florida's.
I love this final four. Hope it's GM vs Big Baby in the finals.

I thought for sure UConn would pull this one out when it went to OT, loved seeing them go down. Wish Albany could have taken them out in the first round.
Uconn was a joke this tourney IMO. They just made it out the first round against Albany, should've beaten UK by more, and it took a time span of five minutes of good ball to knock off Washington in OT.

If they were to beat Mason, they would have had a hard time with the Gators, and if they won they would have had a hard time against LSU/UCLA. They were lucky that the Heals and Vol's got knocked off early, because they would have probably beaten the Huskies.
Should have, would have, could have ... uCON has 199 lives and Mason is the only one that was able to nail the coffin shut. A win for the ages.
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