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Well, the Cats have pulled another one out. This game was back and forth the entire game with both teams playing really well. The Wildcats were without starter Gerald Fitch today but got some great play out of Barbour.

The game was slated as a defensive struggle and it really lived up to the billing. Defense was stellar on both ends and both teams had to really make some tough shots to score. In the end it came down to the veteran UK showing the somewhat younger South Carolina what "clutch defense" means. The Cats did not even allow SC a pathetically good look at the basket their last two possessions. The final shot of the game (SC for the win) clanging off the side of the backboard should give you some feel for how tight the defense was if you did not see the game.

The game winning basket for the Cats came when Hawkins found Barbour heading for the hoop (after losing his defender) along the baseline... Barbour made the shot and was fouled from behind. He then sank the free throw. As I said before... it was then up to Defense to win the game, and the Cats made it happen!

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