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One of the most underrated parts of UMBC's success in the past 10 games is the play of Beaudion. He isn't flashy in the statbook, but rarely turns the ball over and has been terrific defensively. It also was obvious how much the team missed his ballhandling in the near-implosion vs. Loyola (MD).

Take a look at Craig Beaudion's +/- since the Princeton loss:

Lafayette +10 (8 point win) in 36 minutes
CCSU +5 (2 point win) in 37 minutes
UNCG +5 (4 point loss) in 37 minutes
Georgetown -2 (9 point loss) in 24 minutes
Coppin +36 (27 point win) in 21 minutes
Lehigh +35 (26 point win) in 27 minutes
Columbia +13 (7 point win) in 37 minutes
Morgan +14 (12 point win) in 25 minutes
Loyola OUT (3 point win)
William & Mary +15 (16 point win) in 32 minutes

This is not to say he is the best or most important player on the squad, but the statbook does not tell the full story of how crucial he has been to UMBC's success.

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Player Grades Update - Through Non-Conference (14 games)


Jacob Boonyasith (previously C) - Welp, Boonyasith has shown the 'more' I was looking for...16.5 PPG with efficient shooting percentages during the 6-game win streak, and he's been aggressive and successful attacking the basket. His performance has raised the ceiling of this team's season, I think. Credit to Boonyasith for finding that next 'level' that some players never find.
Dion Brown (previously N/A) - It's only 3 games, but Brown's last 3 games is the best game stretch from a Retriever in at least a decade. His 21 points in 19 minutes carried us to a win vs. Loyola, and his 12 points on 6/7 FG vs. W&M proved
it was no fluke. Brown did not look intimidated vs. UMD, putting up 10 and grabbing a team and game-high 9 rebounds. He also made a highlight-reel pass to a cutting Fagan. I am really enjoying watching Brown play, and hope he is the true building block that he appears to be.


Jarvis Doles (previously B) - Doles is still our best, most consistent frontcourt player. His shot is streaky, but he gives a good effort defensively and can be a threat in the PnR game.
Craig Beaudion II (previously C) - My previous post touched on this, but Beaudion has silently been very crucial to UMBC's success. His confidence is growing, and his steadiness and headiness is a comforting prescence on the floor.
Jim Ferry (previously D) - Well, how about this? Ferry has done a great job finding his rotation and getting players to buy-in to their roles. The team has embraced Ferry's style, and has played a very entertaining 8-9 game stretch entertaining conference play. Considering where the team was in late November, Ferry deserves a lot of credit for the team's turnaround.
Matteo Picarelli (previously A) - His scoring has dropped off a bit, perhaps expected, but teams are starting to gameplan for his off-ball action. Still a solid bench weapon who has made great strides.
Tra'Von Fagan (previously C) - Has really come into his own off the bench. His performance against Columbia (13 & 14) helped us avoid the upset. Any bench player that can consistently put up 7 & 7 is a good rotation piece.
Colton Lawrence (previously B) - Dropping Lawrence to the bottom of the B-tier may be too harsh considering his performance against Georgetown, Coppin State, Lehigh and Columbia were all very solid. However, his performances against Morgan, Loyola (MD) and Maryland were downright terrible. Lawrence does not add much, if anything, defensively, so his bad offensive games are hugely problematic. Hopefully he can get some confidence back in conference play.


Yaw Obeng-Mensah (previously C) - I so badly want to place him in the B category, because at times he plays as if he is an 'A.' But confusing games like tonight vs. Maryland (0 & 0) will place him in the C-Tier once again. Hopefully he can find consitency in conference play.


Mason Docks (previously F) - Docks is very raw, but aside from the UMD game, has shown signs of progress, particularly versus Coppin State (11 points, 2 assists), Loyola (6/5/3) and Morgan (4/5). Progress is good!


Everyone else - Edwards and Garang are not playable this year, and Sapp still is a consistent DNP.

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Highlights from UMBC vs. Maryland - BIG10 Commentators emphasizing game was much closer than score would indicate. Good amount of UMBC highlights in this one.

Post Game From Kevin Willard - Talk about UMBC starts around 2:30 to 3:00 - "That's a good basketball team, Jim's done a great job, this was not gonna be a blowout."


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Awesome scorer, fun player. Did not seem to have much interest on the defensive end of the floor which seemed to frustrate Odom & company and limit his playing time.

I think North Florida was a better spot for him. He has been able to be a volume shooter and scorer on a team that hasn’t really defended nor competed in the several years he’s been there.

I still check his box scores, too. A really good offensive player for sure.
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