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Tahirou Sani (6'8" Forward) - Had a 100-point, 50-rebound game in the French junior leagues. Says he was born in 1986, but some say he's at least four years older.

Jianlian Yi (6' 11" Center) - Still growing, but this smooth 15-year-old can play. His delicate touch has drawn comparisons to the Mavericks' Wang ZhiZhi.

Darko Milicic (7' 0" Center) - Just 16, Milicic plays for KK Hemofram Vrsac and is a legend in the top Yugoslavian league.

Sebastian Telfair (5' 11" Point Guard) - 16, Stephon Marbury's cousin. Amazing skill. Needs to work on defense and strength.

Lyndale Burleson (6' 3" Shooting Guard) - 16, amazing. He is extremely difficult to guard because of his height and quickness. Lyndale has a very fast first step witch enables him to get his shot of almost any time he wants he has one of the best jumpers.

LeBron James - Everyone knows about LeBron...
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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