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Just got my Blue Ribbon Index and they pick UNH to finish 5th in the league. I will try to highlight some of the interesting information from the article....

1. UNH is going to try and extend their defense which they hope will help get some easy buckets.

2. Herrion has been waiting a long time for a true back to the basket center and he has it now in Pelcher. Coach believes he has the skills to be one of the top bigs in the league but needs him to play with an attitude!

3. Ferg is the X factor, they expect a great year out of a healthy Ferg.

4. They want Jordan to be more assertive and more aggressive

5. This is a big year for Scott Morris, Billy says he is a terrific 3pt shooter and its his time.

6. Says one of the biggest mistakes from last year was not playing Garrett Jones enough last season.

7. Interestingly says that the leadership of the upperclassmen has not been what it should be the past couple of seasons and that he feels like he has a good group of leaders this year.

8. Loves Chandler and how hard he plays the game.

9. Kids have faith in getting the ball to Pelcher!
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