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kiss my grits
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So what is today but just passage to tomorrow
What really do we possess but just time on borrow
Our path unknown, future unplanned
Struggling to find the ideals for which we stand

Have we done our part? Have we made our mark?
Or are we waiting to get a fresh start?
We are souls lost or maybe just confused
Weight the costs, procrastinate or choose

kiss my grits
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with a reluctant sigh
it's time to turn and walk away
there will be no wave goodbye
and no pleas to stay

with an occasional glance behind
there will be recognition of our time
but it is an hour of new design
an hour to walk a different line

together we made the pieces fit
now I break it all apart
eager to assemble them again
covetous of a green start

leaving you behind
leaving it all behind
a new you to find
you are the past, personified
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