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Hey guys here is my upgrade mock draft you all been waiting for :laugh: Here it is........Its only the first rounds of course.

1.) Houston Rockets-Yao Ming

Description: Like I say in my original mock drafts and some other people say that Rockets need a desperatly a center and so far they are hinting that they drafting Yao in the first draft pick to fill in the middle hole.

2.) Chicago Bulls-Jay Williams

Description: I'm high and still very high on drafting Jay Williams for the Bulls for this year draft. Bulls need to upgrade their back court depth and Jay Williams fit right in the Bulls plan.

3.) Golden State Warriors-Caron Butler

Description: Even though Warriors desperatly need a point but instead they draft toughness defense which Warriors also need Caron Butler........Again like I say in my early mock draft I haven't see Butler play but I heard good things about him Butler fill the SF and Jamision move to the PF of course if Warriors don't trade down.

4.) Memphis Grizzles-Mike Dunleavy Jr

Description: Be great to add a good shooter so they draft Dunleavy and probably move Battier to the PF even though I don't agree with that or maybe move Dickson in a trade or to the bench and move Dunleavy to the two which Grizzles need If Mike stay he could probably be high in the #4 in my opinion.

5.) Denver Nuggets-Dejuan Wagner

Description: Nuggets desperatly need everything except for the PF so they draft Wagner possible their future point or two which a great talent that Nuggets desperate need.

6.) Cleaveland Cavs-Drew Gooden

Description: Cavs need a PF or C so they draft a upcoming talent from Kansas Drew Gooden which can help the Cavs with the PF positions with reboundings and etc and up their front court depth which they really need.

7.) New York Knicks-Nickoloz Tskitishvili

Description: Since Camby being injured alot lately especially this pass season Knicks need help in the PF since they can't get Ming they draft from players in europe Nickoloz Tskitishvili a seven footer possible play the PF/SF/And maybe C sometime. And since the value went up with eurpens here one going to the big apple to start their rebuilding efforts.

8.) LA Clippers-Curtis Borchardt

Description: Clippers need a point and a center or a back up center for Kandi if he resign..........So they draft Curtis. in their eighth pick.

9.) Phoniex Suns-Chris Wilcox

Description: Since Gug is not a good PF for the Suns they need a good PF that can rebounds with big body so thats why I say for the Suns draft Wilcox which be their future PF and sets with their PF.

10.) Miami Heat-Q. Woods

Description: Again I never see Woods play in my original draft but anyways Heats need a athelic small forward and I don't see L Ellis as their future SF so they draft Q. Woods.

11.) Washington Wizards-Nene Hilario

Description: MJ could be interest with this guy........Even though I haven't see Nene play as well but something tell me that MJ talk to the Wiz's front office to draft a player from Braizil could name Nene to help this team up a bit. Nene could fit in MJ's team.

12.) LA Clippers-Frank Williams

Description: Clippers grab a point since is doubtfully the last time I heard won't resign Mclinn........So they desperatly need a point guard so they draft Frank Williams.

13.) Milwaukee Bucks-Marcus Haislip

Description: Well, the Bucks might or might not lose their key players but I know is they probably need a younger PF since Mason not doing so good and giving the Bucks trouble........So like other mock drafts I seen that Bucks pick up Haislip and I think I have see him play on tv once which he can get the rebounds from the glass and a very good block shot that help the Bucks in the front line.

14.) Indiana Pacers-Juan Dixon

Description: What Pacers need is a two guard to replace R. Miller when he's lose his touch or when he retire so draft a good shooter from Mayrland Juan Dixon to fill R. Miller's shoes. Surpisely in my mock Dixon go high as in 14.

15.) Houston Rockets-Amare Stoudmire

Description: I had this in my original mock draft and I will keep this I feel it be better for Rockets to draft a PF and move Griffin to the SF which will be a perfect line up for the Rockets in the near future.

16.) Philidelphia 76ers-T. Price

Description: It be a great choice for Sixers to grab T. Price to back up Haiperg if he resign or if not he could end up the starting role of the SF if he earns it.........Price have the talent and the sixers could end the steal of the draft in mid first round in the sixteen pick.

17.) New Orleans Hornets-Jared Jeffires

Descirption: This man have talent good talent and I can see the Hornets draft him to back Mashburn or replace Mashburn especially with Mashburn big injuries this pass season. And probably play some in the PF position need to get bigger but this man can help this team a little more in the playoff.

18.) Orlando Magic-Melvin Ely

Description: They need a built PF since Horance Grant and Patrick Ewing is washed up so they draft a 6'10 power forward and maybe play some c or not in the pros.......He's a very good block shot and may help the front line for the Magics.

19.) Utah Jazz-Jiri Welsch

Description: To tell you the truth I didn't see this guy play but I read about him and here is a descirpion of him about him I got from espn web-site

"Team player who handles ball with ease and has a sweet stroke from downtown and an exceptionally well developed mid-range game. Jiri is a great defender, as he takes advantage of his fast legs and hands and his body strength. He likes to attack the basket and makes great decisions off the dribble drive. With excellent court sense, he is a consistent high-percentage shooter and 3-pt shots are no exception".

Seem like a very good player to me and beside Utah sure need a two guard when Stark is losing his step and need a point guard when Stockon about to retire soon or sooner then latter.

20.) Toronto Raptors-Kareem Rush

Descirption: Toronto Raptors probably need a two guard and another scorer so I say Rush go down to the twenty pick and Raptors grab him which desperatly need another scorer.

21.) Portland Blazers-Predrag Savovic

Description: They need a SF to replace Pipen when Pipen retire next year after upcoming season.

22.) Phoniex Suns-Jason Jenning

Description: Suns now need a center so they draft Jenning which a great free throw shooter and a good block shotter who is probably Sun's next interest.

23.) Detroit Pistons-Chris Jeffires

Description: In my mind Detriot need a good defender and a younger SF and need a point.........So I see the Pistons pick up a great Pipen Clone defender name Chris Jeffires.

24.) New Jersey Nets-Dan Dickau

Description: New Jersey need a back up point guard and a shooter so they get both......Meaning draft Dan which is their back up point for Jason Kidd and he's a good shooter.

25.) Denver Nuggets-Dan Gadzuric

Description: Next stop is the Nuggest need a center this man have an NBA body according to reports so Nuggets grab a big project for the man in the middle.

26.) San Antonio Spurs-Rod Gizzard

Description: Spurs draft a small forward which they need which a good shooter Rod Gizzard and fill the hole in the small forward positions for the Spurs.

27.) LA Lakers-Jamal Sampson

Description: Need a back up center to back up Shaq I can see Lakers draft Jamal Sampson for the back up role in the center position. Good rebounder/Blockshotter a good touch for a big men his size.

28.) Sacramento Kings-Fatih Solak

Description: Since Divac is getting old and begin to lose his touch I can see Kings draft a younger center with another foriegner players..........I see drafting a 7-0 with great size name Faith Solak.

NOTES: Well thats I will upgrade one more time but this time with more creative around which I will add trades with my last upgrade mock draft before draft day the next time I'll upgrade my last mock draft probably a few weeks before draft day or sooner.
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