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In this week's SI (the "Sweet Surprises" cover), future UVM Lady Cat guard Sophia Iwobi is one of the "Faces in the Crowd"...

"Sophia, a senior guard at Maharishi School, scored 49 points and had 14 rebounds, 6 steals, and 5 blocks in the Pioneers' 78-76 triple-OT victory over Highland High. She was a McDonald's High School All-American finalist and was recently named to the First State All-Iowa team."

She really appears to be a bright, shiny diamond in the deepest of roughs...with UVM's recent diminishing win totals, really makes you say, "How'd she end up here?" But Dawley has certainly proven she can attract players with good reputations...but now it's time to put those reputations toward winning some ballgames.

By the way, that's not a typo or funny conicidence in the write-up...this is the high school she goes to...

Ummm...interesting...but they do provide this article, which provides a little background on Iwobi's journey from Bulgaria to Burlington...
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