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Well, this could hurt Van Exel's trade value...unless the Warriors offer him to a Texas team.

DALLAS -- Nick Van Exel, who turned 32 in November, announced Tuesday night that he plans to retire after next season unless he can land a new contract with San Antonio, Houston or Dallas.

"If I'm not playing in Texas," Van Exel said, "I'm done."


Van Exel thus has only one season of guaranteed money left on his contract after this season. He has an option to terminate the contract this summer and become a free agent but admits that he probably can't afford to opt out, saying, "I gave up a lot of money already."

The subject of Van Exel's future comes up frequently these days amid speculation that he could be dealt to Portland with Erick Dampier for Rasheed Wallace. Such a swap would enable the Warriors to clear significant salary-cap room in July, a year before the Trail Blazers would become major free-agent players. Van Exel told a month ago that he wonders about his next destination "all the time" after a half-season in Oakland fraught with knee trouble and philosophical differences with coach Eric Musselman.
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