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VCU Rams

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Well, that sucks for the Rams. A lot of people in Tennessee think that wearing a mask is a sign of the government wanting to control your body, or some such nonsense.
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Who is this Big E guy?
That's a very apt nickname.
That's nice. Curry range.
Give that guy JP's phone#. He'll answer his questions.
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Long live Havoc !

(apologies if posted in another thread)
Who's paying who.
Yikes! I need a sarcasm font. :oops:
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Do the prominent placement of the Nike shoes in the first tweet indicate he's got a NIL deal with them?
Or, tune in during the playoffs to see actual defense.
This is not about VCU particularly, but the hype that high school players try to create with their "last 5" or whatever, just seems nuts to me.
Maybe it helps with the NIL stuff coming, I don't know.
Sometimes it's hard being old school I guess.
I'm in rehab from ODing on VCU recruit porn.
Say prayers.
Not good. Hope he recovers.
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Not to be contrarian...but Gilyard (NCAA all time steals leader) also is averaging 3.4 steals/game.
If he gets 5 or 6 every game, he'll blow right by Gilyard before he's done.

Also...did Lumber Liquidators get liquidated?
Understatement of the year award..."it probably was a push off."
Yeah, I know. I saw what happened in DC. Take advantage of it because next year it goes back to another regular season sweep. Ha!
No worries. I just didn't want the guy's question to go unanswered.

Unfortunately you are probably right about next year, but if the Spiders win the 5-12, Mooney's good for another 5 there is that. I need to get your wife to work harder on you.
You'll come around eventually. UR women are tough.
Hey! Just answering that guy's question.
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