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Not sure how this will impact the 2 games VCU has scheduled there this week.
Oh, it will affect the games. The MTE is at Tennessee. Charlotte is in route to Tennessee now. Maybe they will redirect to the Stu. This season is going to be a dumpster fire.
Oh yeah, definitely will. Just not sure how yet. I would think the game against Tennessee will have to be either canceled or postponed. Do we keep the Charlotte game as a neutral site match? I guess we'll find out soon.

Also, not trying to sound cold; I hope that Barnes and any others infected are ok. I was just trying to keep the discussion on basketball.
That sucks. I was hoping the Charlotte game at the least would be salvaged.
I just heard this. Man, I have no idea what happened, but I am sorry to hear it. I enjoyed watching him play. Hoping he's ok.
Yeah, I saw Mike's comment last night and it sounded bad. I was hoping it was something they were just dealing with internally, but I agree, it sounds like something pretty bad at this point.
This is seeming more and more like a Samir Doughty situation. You are gone but nothing to see here.
Interesting given what has come out so far. But this could also mean lots of things, so I will go back to not knowing anything.
That's a very apt nickname.
I like "Player of the Week" Hyland, too, but I think it may be a little haughty
This is where teams outside the P5 most clearly see the broader sports media hypocrisy. With respect to at-large consideration, will VCU get the benefit of the doubt with these injuries? When it’s a P5, the “but... but... their REAL team was this good!” narrative is crammed down the masses’ collective throat.
And it starts before that, too. P5 teams with similar resumes as, say VCU and Bona, have been projected as 6, 7, and 8 seeds, whereas you see us in the 10-12 range and on the bubble. So now it's a team on the bubble with injuries (that arguably led to losses).

Was it mentioned that McGlade is on the selection committee this year? If that's the case, I certainly hope that's a topic that is made to be known.
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As a sophomore, Mo said no 68 times. That’s pretty impressive for young Hason.
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I like it. Also think both are seeded fairly. Let’s do this VCU!
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Hadn't seen this posted yet, but VCU will be in the Battle For Atlantis next year with a pretty stacked field
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Well f*ck. Hoping he has a swift recovery.
Fingers crossed...
The reports from his visit sounded very good and I believe he is a high priority for the staff. I also like that we're the only out of state option for him. I have a good feeling on him.

Getting him and (I'm hoping) either Donald Hand or Alphonzo Billups would be a great start for 2022.
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Whose unwillingness? I thought VCU decided to not schedule.
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