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Vermont's Lone Round of 64 Win

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Not much recruiting news to discuss, so here: A reminder that big March upsets often require the favorite playing uncharacteristically poorly as much as the underdog playing exceptionally well. At least offensively, Vermont has played far better in most of its NCAA tournament games since it beat Syracuse in 2005 (the 2010 Syracuse rematch is certainly one exception). And we've certainly had far more depth, balance, and versatility.

If you haven't re-watched that 2005 game or looked at the box score in awhile, you may forget that pretty much everyone on the floor not named Germain Mopa Njila had an absolutely terrible game (Taylor had a decent but certainly below average game). Vermont defended, I give them that, but some of the numbers are wild:
  • UVM had 19 -- 19! -- first half points
  • Sorrentine and Klimes were 5-20 & 2-10 from the field, respectively
  • UVM played zero front court players off the bench, and total bench minutes in an OT game were 9.
  • UVM's bench scored 0 but Syracuse's bench only scored 6.
  • in 40 minutes, David Hehn went 0-1 from the field (he did only avg 4.4 points all season, but still)
  • Warrick scored 21 but committed 10(!) turnovers
  • McNamara more or less mirrored Sorrentine, shooting 4-18 FG & 1-7 3FG.
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IIRC, they only played six guys that whole year. 5 starters + whatever minutes they could scratch out of an ailing Alex Jensen.
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