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Vet Center options

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Well it seems as if we really do not need to vet at the 4

Lonny Baxter is earning big wraps and will pressure Fizer for minutes . Baxter will earn them in reserve with his thirst for the ball on the boards and by putting a body on his man on the defensive end.

Quite simply it seems we are stacked at 4

The acquisition of Matt Harpring if it ensues also takes the pressure off being able to find a tough as nails vet 4 . Whilst Harpring is not a 4 , he is a physical post defender with some quicks to guard outside

Harpring fits the mould of the vet at the 3 spot , Jalen is the vet at the swing spot .

So who can we target for our vet who fills minutes at 5 ?

Corie Blount is there to be had .

Manning's physical went tits up

What trading options are there and for whom ?

If I may , I will put some names forward for consideration :

Marc Jackson ( Travis Best sign and trade )
Adonal Foyle ( Travis Best again )
Earvin Johnson ( I do not think the Bucks would trade him )
Hakeem ( Best S and T with one of our swing players )

Wattup guys

Put your suggestions forward if you have them

Me personally ?

Out of who can be had , I would be very interested in the possibility of working a sign and trade for Marc Jackson using Travis Best

I may be unfashionable , but I am a believer in MJax and think that with a fresh start and a decent chance he could be a steal . He's worth the risk - we lose Travis for nothing anyway and the risk is the long term commitment to his salary at around $3.5M

With Marc Jax and Matt Harpring added to this squad and give the guys a season to mature and get used to playing together , I think we could probably expect around 30 - 33 wins and back into the playoffs the following season .
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FJ,wasnt it quoted over at ralgm not long ago that JK considered Marc Jackson as "dead weight?" I think MBH said it if i am not mistaking. I also wonder why he didn't play a more major role in minny? Was it because their rotation was already set and they made a push for the playoffs? If so why get him him in the first place?
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