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Vince will tear up the NBA in 2003

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He knows people are doubting him, he watches the news, he's a smart guy, WAIT till next season, it's gonna be CRAZY!!!! I honestly say vince wins MVP and raptors win the east. you all watch, all the factors are there
-Vince to lead the team
-Mo Pete realizing how to play and score
-AD now knows when to step up
-Alvin Williams is healthy
-Chris Jefferies shoulda been a lottery pick
-Lindsey Hunter to provide some bench scoring
-DeAngelo Collins to back up the forwards
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Welcome to BasketballBoards, ViNSaNi7y. I agree with most of your post, but the Raptors have already given Keon the qualifying offer. If the Raptors sign him to a 2 year deal at the midlevel exception or a bit above that, then we can pay him more later because Yogi and Hakeem's contracts will be up then.

As for Marshall, the Bradley and JYD trade would be a steal for us, and I don't see how Utah would do it unless they see something in Bradley that the rest of us don't.
Originally posted by Psubs

The summer league is in Utah, maybe they saw Bradley's double-double.
Yeah, but I guess they didn't see Bradley looking lost on the court last season. This is summer league anyway.

And apparently GG offered Hakeem and Bradley for Marshall anyway.

His idiocy astounds me.
Bradley makes $1 million. Montross makes $2 million. I don't mind those, but I really want to trade JYD, who makes nearly $6 million and Hakeem, who makes over $5 million. Hakeem is the sole reason why we couldn't re-sign Keon, and JYD is just plain overpaid for a cheerleader. He is a tough hustler and great rebounder, and he does get the fans in the game, but all his points are garbage points, coming off dunks and layups. He doesn't deserve more than $3.5 million IMO.
Originally posted by Psubs

I think Utah laughed at the Hakeem thing but it sounds like that it's JYD and Bradley.

Wouldn't you look lost in your rookie season seeing 3 minutes per game.:yes:
Mamadou didn't. And don't give me the second year argument because he didn't get any PT in his rookie season, it was just like his rookie season.
And I said Mamadou didn't seem lost! That's only helping my argument. Also you're right - Hakeem probably did teach him a little, but the fact is he didn't need a seeing eye dog on the court, and Bradley did.
Re: Re: Vince will tear up the NBA in 2003

Originally posted by <b>BEEZ</b>!

I guess this didnt happen. Vince aint tearing up nothing but his knee:laugh:
Don't talk until the Raptors finish out of the playoffs.
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