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Artist: GZA
Album: Beneath the Surface
Song: Publicity

Who be first to catch this Beat Down?
My RapPages be The Source
Ego Trip remain victory, and no loss
Rap Sheet show you Details of wars in streets
Where the most live, catch Vibe and Blaze heat
Double XL kings who rush through, got Right On
Quick to Stress ya, sound crew to get a mic on
Math lets the plates Spin
Consecutive hits, promoters' face grin
The dawn catch fist, keep the paper direct wire, see MJ retire
unlike the story that echoes out from chronic liars
Like those who feast on hogs, eat Murder Dogs
A Village Voice kid with his heart and soul calm
Killa bees produce the honey, that fortify the platinum
plus the DJ claws fiend to scratch them
Thus street team take shots at criticism
Promotional vehicles wiffin wit mad rhythm
With the lockout of one of our Source Sports
We spice the stand and launch the stage on the ball court
During the first half, number one draft
Rap lords, swing swords, slam microphone, shatter Billboards
Forty-eight in sight, after inhalin the herb
Vision impaired, when the silhouette emerged
One nut out the Clan
Get your whole click banned from radio
PD's cut your raps man
Forcin me to move on from one world to another
on the gulf, from the fuel Jet to hover
Take cover wit the radical, Urban Latino
No Hip-Hop Connection wit Us and Janet Reno
I do an interview and they aim to trace my Essence
To know more than is necessary blunts your weapon
My group's Nova, remain unsober
And serve High Times wit king cobras
I shoulder low-post MC's, your whole style, lafeast
Second to get your Word Up, then the troops unleash
Creative low fling, to the grand opening
Wit my ray gun scoping, you're hoping
Uniforms be fridged when they walk the Black Beat
in the heat, of razors exposin fresh meat
In Bedrock and Gambling - Rolling Stone, out of zone
Where they can't monitor my 'xact poem
Collide wit the Tiger Beat, rappin raga
Ebony eyes, folks see the saga

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Artist: DJ Quik
Album: Rhythm-al-ism
Song: We Still Party

Ain't no puzzle y'all, we, uh,
groovin off the spirituality, and it feels good.
I got somethin to say though.

(Verse 1):
It's time for somebody to take over the West Coast power with fly style,
And I'm the one, been here for years so check your file
Cuz I'm the kinda ***** with a strong desire
To nutt up, light a torch, and set the world on fire!,
See me bouncin in my 'Vette, Doin' donuts in the middle of a ?seater?
Wit ?Rolarita?, tryin' to find some place to eat her
Cuz I'm freaky with a capital L
I'll eat that poor little Piper Peter til there ain't nothing left
I'm nasty
See, we gets better when you think we hot,
And we got more cheddar than they think we got
Cuz see we make the kinda money that when we withdrawl
They notify the feds cuz it's too much y'all
What you call a stash, we call the petty cash,
Spend five or six figures a month, enough for gash
Party all night, then we sleep all day,
Drink Corona X for breakfast then we ready to play
I still like a green eyed big ol' titties and thighs
Big ol' ******, little heart, and I'm big into thighs
So shoot your game baby girl, don't be scared to take a pet
You never know, it just might be wet

We still party, It get's high
Sometimes we don't feel grown-up and that's no lie
So we party, 'til we die
Cuz life is much too short for you to not be fly

(Verse 2):
Now other night I be drunk off a gallon a Moet
I can still make the beats stink like some salmon croquette
Go to the hood and get all the kids that I can fit
In a limo take 'em to the store and buy 'em some ****
Give 'em a demo of my new **** cuz it's the ****
And let 'em know that they the ****
and they can make hits cuz it ain't ****
I gotta keep the cycle goin, baby doll,
whichever way that they be blowin' under,
Higher than a mother****er, Mr. Dante,
C'mon B back me up pitch in everyday,
Whether it's hot, whether it's cold,
Whether it's soft, whether it's bold,
Whether it's new, whether it's old,
Whether it's GOLD, or platinum, stack 'em,
Dante, baby dog, we be fly,
Freestylin' like a mother****er don't ask why,
Cuz this ain't Budweiser,
"BUD", "WEIS", "ER",
"Did you see the, thighs on her?"
We nastier then a mother****er baby doll,
Can I freak your ****, and, uh, break the **** the wall down?
Up to the compound?, uh huh
Elements, Feel my elephant, hahaha


Now can y'all feel that? See, ain't nothing but God mackin' goin' on right
now, see? Da game is to be told and not sold dependin' on which game it is,
and we gon' keep it way real, you know? Cuz' it ain't no doubt in nobody's
mind that I'm a very blessed individual, there. If we don't turn it around and
give it back than we can't we can't go forward, it's up to you. That's what we
do everytime we get on this microphone, we let 'em know that we might be
street rappers, but we are very much in order, and we got somethin' to say. So
if you feelin' me like we feelin y'all, get yo *** up on the ball. Time to
take this **** back. All of it. Cuz it was ours to begin with. Don't sleep
baby. Don't sleep homey. Now when the hook come back again,

(fade out)

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Artist: De La Soul
Album: Stakes Is High
Song: Tha Bizness

Intro: Common

And and bass up the track a little bit
Cuz I I'm here I wanna hear that boom bish boom, knowhatI'msayin?

Yeah yeah you know the bizness
Common Sense, soul with the De La
Get all them play-ahs
We the rhyme sayers
Huh, and that's the bizness, hah
Gonna do it like this
Gettin it that
Like the Chicago streets

Verse One: Dove

I speak divine of God theories, no need to be high
Always exhale the facts cause I don't inhale lye/lie
Play the greater man's game, to bounce off my losses
So I can earn the acres (uhh) the houses (yeah) the horses (huh)
Of course it's much greater than your BenZ or your Lex
The engine to my comprehension is just too complex
Much too complex, EFX/effects be live like Das
Making moves down South, to avoid the chaos
And never, flaunt the coin cuz dime-getters be gazin
They call me Luther Van, they say my style is so Amazin
I'm fazin those who're supposed to have the last laughter
Cuz even when I'm gone I'm reappearin in the after
I haveta, send respects to real money makers
Do not connect us with those champaign sippin money fakers
Taste the quarter pound with spice from Chi-town
Now what that prove, you're so full you can't even move


Cause I'm the D-to-the-O, the-V-to-the-E
And can't another brother cook these delicacies

Well I'm the P-L-U, the G-to-the-One
Walk around the planet earth making money having fun

And I'm the C-to-the-O, double-M-O-N
I sit and think with a drink about how I'm gonna win
I'm the C-to-the-O, double-M-O-N
I sit and think with a drink...

Verse Two: Common

Do you wanna be a MC? Or do you wanna serve
Do you wanna be dope? Or do you wanna deal it
Fabricated acryllic, I feel it, I'm the style molester
I do a show get Extra P's like the Large Professor
In fact I get more hoes than Tessa, peep game like a
refa-ree in soul control of my
desti-ny, in the best of, three out of five
Whip ANYBODY *** at NBA Live, rappers
take a dive like Greg Lougainis with his *****-***
Rather be in Bebe's alley, than at the click with gators
Not a hater of the players, I'm more like a coach, or an owner
I Used To Love H.E.R., but now I bone her (ahuh-hah!)
At one point in rhyme I thought I lost my erection
But then I got it back with the Resurrection, blessings
upon rhymes old man who called him traitor
Big Com Stradamus *****z styles I predict


I'm the C-to-the-O, double-M-O-N
I sit and think with a drink about how I'm gonna win

And I'm the D-to-the-O, the-V-to-the-E
And can't no other brother cook these delicacies

Well I'm the P-L-U, the-G-to-the-One
Walk around the planet earth making money having fun
Walk around the planet earth making money having fun
Walk around the planet earth making money having fun

Verse Three: Pos

I'm the most from the coast of the Eastern flav'
Droppin more knowledge than litter, on the New York pave'
It's me, wonder why, in the place to be
Certified, as superior, MC
While others explore to make it hardcore
I make it hard for, wack MC's to even step inside the door
Cause these kids is rhyming, sometiming
And when we get to racing on the mic, they line up to see
the lyrical killing, with stained egos on the ceiling
My rhymes escalates like black death rates
Over music plates, being played as the rule
Kids thinking stepping to the Soul, you're labelled fools
who claims to drop jewels but for now you do the catching
I don't worry on what crew you run, or what section of earth
you reside, you're not even a man
So I don't seem it mandatory taking your pride
But I will, cause my man said Soul for the life
You cried "Keepin it real", yet you should try keepin it right
That's understanding microphone mathematics
Which leaves the currency in temporary world status
And when one shows he posed threat to this one
This one will make that one into none
Simple equation, zero, you shouldn't play hero
If you can't stand Strong like the Island I'm from


Now I'm the P-L-U, the-G-to-the-One
Walk around the planet earth making money having fun

Yeah, and I'm the-C-to-the-O, double-M-O-N
I sit and think with a drink about how I'm gonna win

And I'm the D-to-the-O, the-V-to-the-E
And can't another brother cook these delicacies
See can't another brother cook these delicacies
See can't another brother cook these delicacies

Outro: Common

Ahh that's how, that's how I'm supposed to do my thing huh
Like triple it, alright
That's how we do it, all the way from Strong Island to Chicago
The type of freestyler flow
Yeah, it's fluent, and we don't need to flow no more

Intro: *this comes before "Wonce Again Long Island" on the LP*

To my man Mos Def yo he nonstop
To my man Enola, yo he's nonstop
And to my kin de Calhoun, yo he's nonstop
Yo that girl MP, yo she's nonstop
And to that crew Camp Lo, yo they nonstop
And to that ***** Pop Life, yo he's nonstop
And to my cousin Fudd Love, you know he nonstop
My brother Lucky and Pert, yo they nonstop
And to my man Joe Buck, you know he nonstop
And my man Extra P, yo he's nonstop
And my man Mike Divine, you know he nonstop
That kid called Baby Paul, yo he's nonstop
And to the Jazzyfatnastees, yo you're nonstop
And my peoples Beatminerz, man they nonstop
And to my man Mr. Bug, you know you're nonstop
And yo, Litro, yo, he's nonstop
And to, my dean The Green, yo you're nonstop
And to my man Prince Paul yo he's nonstop
And to that man Kid Capri yo you nonstop
And A Tribe Called Quest, man they nonstop
And don't forget the Jungle Beez yo they nonstop

Extra Verse: *sampled from "Down Syndrome"*

Let me tell you a little something about Soul (tell em son)
I be a piece of the East coast, so give a toast to
Plug Wonder why back in the day who soaked his words in jigga
So when I ran a phrase in June you didn't catch it til December
I'm a member of them kids from the inner city
Giving you kitties audible treats, you be aching for making
more money than a pagan holiday
Not from the PJ's, yet I still got something to say


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Artist: Masta Ace f/ Big Noyd
Album: A Long Hot Summer
Song: Do it Man

[Big Noyd]
Check it out yo, 'ey yo
They call me Big Noyd, the one that smack the taste out
your ****ing mouth, I keep it gutter that's what I be about
that's what I breathe, what I eat, that's what I ****ted out
I'm from the streets and I'm a G and I know nothing else
like when there's beef I grap a Tec from the ****ing shelve
stuff it in my jeans step on the scene, ruin your health
snitches run their mouth, that's why I do it myself
no need to co, there's noone ratting me out
just to find the guy, I keep it gully ***** ride out
before my thuns come and air out your hide out
matter fact say no more, your raw to grap your four
your scared to call your dog, ***** let's get it on
I set it off, I start long blows
knock your *** out and leave your dead with a bloody nose
winking to your front door, who you know as raw as me
a skinny *****, but up on the streets i'm a beast, mother****er

[Hook: Big Noyd]
Yeah, yeah, this is how we do it man
we busting them chrome nines and running from one time
this is how we do it man
my mind on my money and my money on my mind, yep
this is how we do it man
we strap with them big gats, and chases some cool cat
this is how we do it man
we hold it down we don't **** around *****z know our style, yep

[Masta Ace]
Hope I don't get shot today
'cause I heard some *****z letting off rounds, like a block away
it's like walking through Vietnam
sorrounded by americans dressed like the vietcom
see that kid, 16, try to cop a gat
ever since he was a brat he been a copy-cat
and he ain't scared to pull it blood
so I better watch my step or I might catch a bullet slug
see there's all kinds of rival stuff
we all in the line of fire *****, and survival's tough
send my son to the store, 'cause there's mole on the bread
they might send him home with a hole in the head
and just like 'Windex Cleaner'
it's clear that *****z settle problems with their index finger
and my moms has yet to strove
'cause she know that folks catches strays like pet control
these are dangerous times, the life's on the line
a ***** might get it by the knife or the nine
I gotta stay awake when I hold the cake
'cause the grim reaper looking for a soul to take
and the next cat may be him
so I look over my shoulder, when I'm standing at the ATM
ya can go 'head and worry 'bout the crackers, fine
but that ***** with the nine, skin is black as mine

[Hook: Masta Ace]
This is how they do it man
sawed-off shot, screaming give me what you got, *****
this is how they do it man
straight off blunt spillers and natural born killers
this is how they do it man
chrome play the nine, put your life on the line, woaw
this is how they do it man
holding down the block, the plot just won't stop, no

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Artist: Mos Def & Massive Attack
Album: Blade 2 Soundtrack
Song: I Against I

[Mos Def][Hook]
I against I
flesh of my flesh
and mind of my mind
two of a kind but one won't survive
my images reflect in the enemies eye
and his images reflect in mine the same time
I-ya, I-ya
I against I
flesh of my flesh
and mind of my mind
two of a kind but one won't survive

[Mos Def]
Right here is where the end gon' start at
conflict, contact 'n' combat
fighters stand where the land is marked at
settle the dispute about who the livest
3 word answer
Whoever survive this
only one of us can ride forever
so you and I cant ride together
can't live or cant die together
all we can do is collide together
so I skillfully apply the pressure
won't stop until I'm forever... one!
A door step where death never come
spread across time til my time never done
and I'm never done
walk tall, why ever run?
when they move if I ever come?
bad man never fret the war, tell'em come
general we have the stock, the mad fire burn

[Mos Def][Hook]
I against I
flesh of my flesh
and mind of my mind
two of a kind but one won't survive
my images reflect in the enemies eye
and his images reflect in mine the same time
I-ya, I-ya
I against I
flesh of my flesh
and mind of my mind
two of a kind but one won't survive
survive (x16)

[Mos Def]
Reign supreme in your U-N-I
V-E-R-S-E with the sharpness
narrow row building no space for partners
no space for drivers, no space for walkers
no space regardless
your on my path then get off it
hardheaded and unresponsive
get they lives put on target with harshness
come with the canons sparkin' they darken
who am i? one man squadron
Ma stir the fire this time that'd snatch your tomorrow
the thousand yard spear that'll pierce through your armor
you can get it on right now if you want to
but when ya front 9 get marched through
I warned you
You know who forever belong to

[Mos Def][Hook]
I-ya, I-ya
I against I
flesh of my flesh
and mind of my mind
two of a kind but one won't survive
my images reflect in the enemies eye
and his images reflect in mine the same time
I-ya, I-ya
I against I
flesh of my flesh
and mind of my mind
two of a kind but one won't survive
my images reflect in the enemies eye
and his images reflect in mine, survive
survive (x16)


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Artist: Ras Kass
Album: Rasassanation
Song: Rasassanation

[Ras Kass]
What, yeah yeah
1-9-9-9, the "Waterproof" *****
Y'all little ****** *** *****s, you always gotta ****in' comment
Y'all like little *****es
I'ma pull your skirt up, fo' sho

You ain't got enough calcium to have a bone to pick wit' me
Like a gracie I choke a ***** out wit' his own gi
on me, **** they whole batallion
I'll chop ya head off and wear ya skull like sophmore medallions, papi
I'm the one wit da million dolla' smile and three dollars to my name
puttin black eyes in the game like mascara
Diabetic MC's must think **** is sweet
these venomous techniques, I leave heat
A ***** gots to have it in these streets
Bubble eyed G-S on they teams wit beats
Screamin, "I'll make ya famous,"
Write my rhymes in alien and battle *****s in sign language
Cowards make a little cheese then enlarge
artificially, like Pamela Anderson Lee's double D's, please
I'm bangin from Belize to Tel Aviv on the Red Sea
Racin' Saddam Hussein on Kawasaki jet ski's

Walk holdin' my nuts, I don't give a ****
Spit some **** so nasty it'll make Lil' Kim blush
*****, rasasanation's the name
I'ma put it on a bullet, and put it in ya brain
See that's wussup, only I don't give a ****
Spit some **** so nasty it'll make lil' Kim blush
*****, rasasanation is the name
I'ma put it on a bullet, and put it in ya brain

[Ras Kass]
Stay ***** as a pantha, puffin' a hav-a-tampa
askin rappers, "What do you call a million rabbits
walkin' backwards?" (backround) A recedin' hairline
You shouldn't be nervous though, cuz if I blow
I'ma buy ya record contrac, neva shoot a video
but realy though, is ya nice without rent-a-cars and hype? (nope)
While me and my 12 homies, sip wine like Jesus Christ
wit' super models bitin' on my ears like Mike Tyson on
fight night (Sho' ya right)
The dumb and dumber, my cats pack thunder,
and I got mo' wraps than Mumra, mean green
like that super hero with the lantern and ring,
then watch bootleg cable on a 60 inch screen
Champagne, greens, in 3d, while *******s out catchin' V.D.'s
See me easily givin' fools the finger like E.T.
we be rougher than callous (y'all ******s)
Sing a love ballad, then toss each other's salad


[Ras Kass]
Now welcome to the terrordome (****in maricones)
Hoes in the ozone, cell phones and clones it's on
Busta Rhymes said, "There's only 2 years left"
So nowadays I'm playin' russian roulette wit' a tech (ha)
Ghetto holocaust survivor, everyday,
From the S.S stormtroopin P.D. in L.A.
Tellin me bein' black on Saturday night is a felony
If ya name ain't Michael Jordan or
Bill Bellamy, you *** out (mash out)
Cause a lot of white people is racist that's why I'm
bustin' nuts in their teenage daughters faces, Homie
Cuz when it rains it pours, Got me wearin a six foot
condom, screamin' "**** DA WORLD"
Makin' butterfly-*** *****s commit insecticide
Half god - 50% zilla - illa - my alphabet slitha across
ouiji boards from the philla-gilla,
have dead *****s dancin around they graves like Thriller


[Ras Kass]
Yeah, what, the "Waterproof", Stu'B'Doo on the track
Rhettmatic Beat Junkies on the scratch
Listen, all y'all *****s be having too much to say man,
y'all *****s can eat a fat big dick
If you're pissed off you dying with your dick in your hand, guaranteed
All y'all ***** *** *****s
trying to play me on the Liberaci Versace tip
I'ma catch you outside your mansion with a big four fifth

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Artist: Redman f/ Def Squad
Album: Muddy Waters
Song: Da Ill Out

[Erick Sermon]
Yo Reggie, I'mout

T-ree F Squad
Muddy Waters
Don't get it twisted... *****

Aiyyo everybody in this mother****er will get touched
**** such and such, I roll tight like handcuffs
Rock that *** to sleep with discrete techniques
I beez that, freak of the week like I made Knee Deep
Hold up! Rotate around the solar, badder than Cobra
Composure never sleeps, my stream pumps Folgers
I'm sauteein MC's with fried rice up in the wok
without the MSG and chopped celery
See, I made it, my flavor situated
from the nickel plated mic that's hot, to leave your brain inflated
Plus, I'm thick like Quakers on papers
Bodacious MC's get turned to lower cases
lettering, and the medicine, that I'm swallowin
Get you hollerin, like Marvin Gaye when his father shot him
in the chest, I roll with two stacks of Tecs
And mad *****z and sess that I roll up in your rest
UHH! Mister Fantastic's crafted, with no 52nd *** kick
When I'm blasted, my Method magics get drastic
That you can't see with bifocals
Watchin MC's go up and down like stock brokers
I leave your brains on tilt, with ill skills that's milk
That's rougher than jeans that Gloria Vander-bilt
I'm poppin mad ****, plus I can back it
Your man'll be like "Yo, get that dust off yo' jacket"

[Keith Murray]
It ain't a test or quiz that my Squad can't win
Those who know the biz, know we wreck kids get biz
Y'all digest, multiple stab wounds to the chest
And I copycat kill the rest, with no Method to my madness
Plus the apparatus with the baddest
Determined to be the last man, standin on the planet
Y'all get attached, like a blood-suckin leech
When you fall into my rhythm of speech
Your hands get embraced with a touch of the bass
Head get wrapped up neck get thrown in a neck brace
Rough rhyme mechanical, lyrical at it who?
Will ironically chronically murder you and your crew
My directive, through where I live, is kinda primitive
See I get to the bottom of the problem, and make **** give
Step in the jam, hooded and high, plastered the master
cast to the masses grabs the mic
Ten dollar rappers, is what L.O.D. goes after
To my Squad, there's no matches, we bashes
Do photo flashes on all flavor S-classes
Bomb attack on wax, lyrical mini mac to your back
Tie you up, throw you in the act
A public figure, who walks around with a gin of jigger
Cause I gives a **** about another *****, word up

Muddy Waters, yo this is the way that my intro should go
Drunk slow funk flow for Reggie Noble
**** with me doe, Mally G doe it's not logic
Playin that big **** get broke down microscopic
Freak it back keep the track ringin, with the bassline
It's major when you savor my flavor, can you taste mine
Face the nine I lace your spine with short fat pace
Around and round, avoidin the time to put it down
Now's the time here yeah

[Erick Sermon]
Clown where, pick a spot
Neutral grounds or not, we give a ****, lick a shot

Gangsta, so called killin, cap peelin
Playalistic, I mean is all that **** realistic
Play your cards God, black keep your hand held tight
Night fall might call your life, **** is trife
on these evil streets after dark
*****z gettin sparked left and outlined in chalk
New day, this whole ****'s twisted (is it man)
It's me bombin on these *****z ****list and Mally G
open your eyes to see, recognize who be a G
Hopin to ride in the, industry with E
The villain's had it cause ahead (word up yeah)
Killin my psychosomatic pattern mad (yeah)

[Erick Sermon]
Y'all know, uhh, yeah, Muddy Waters
We out for nine-seven, word up, peace


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Artist: Ludacris f/ DJ Quik
Album: The Red Light District
Song: Spur of the Moment

[Quik] Gotta keep it a secret (woo!)
[Luda] Ay man let me ask you somethin man
[Luda] You ever have one of them days where you felt like
[Luda] you mighta got rid of all the bad seeds in your life?
[Luda] Y'knahmean like you just got your paycheck
[Luda] Paid off a car note or somethin
[Luda] Just jumped out the shower feelin fresh than a muh'****a
[Luda] Witcha good shoes on, y'knahmtalkinbout?
[Quik] You mean like, paid off a Cadillac car note?
[Luda] Like a Cadillac, like you ready to throw a party
[Luda] Like call e'rybody you know, don't even plan it, just do it
[Quik] In Compton we call that "spur of the moment"
[Luda] Well let's do it, spur of the moment, whattup?

Well you can bring the drinks a little mo' my way
More I say, on another hot sunny Cali-for-nye day
Just touched down, called up my 8-1-8
fo' a date with some other bust downs
And I cruised up the block, car losed up the top
I take the breeze, quick break the trees
Feel good as we flippin through the Robb Repo't
My baby momma ain't trippin on child suppo't

[DJ Quik]
Because she can't support that garbage, she should come pay homage
When we pair 'em, we gon' share 'em, when I'm finished we all switch
I ain't really got the time, yo I'm chillin with Luda-
-cris stop and twist the buddha got me feelin like this is it
If we gon' party, we gon' sip, we got a bar
We all in shape, we gon' go far, you can't stop the car
We on the freeway, if you get out you burnt
You woulda thought you woulda learned me when my hair was all permed
I think y'all bull****tin with it dawg

It's on tonight, get licked, get gone tonight
[KJ] Therefore, in my life, everything's gonna be, alright
G'd up, my mind is freed up
[KJ] From the day, through the night, everything's gonna be, alright

[DJ Quik]
Arabian Spruce, Seagram's bumpy and juice
We used to bag and then truce, we used to sag and get loose
Not the kind of cats that would jump in your bag for your jewels
But to put some money in it for your drink and your shoes
We get the News like MTV, every ten to the hour
We play Mario Brothers, we eat the 'shroom and get power
Now eat your sour powers, and use your dental floss
What does bein mental cost? If you ain't knowin you already lost

So stay with me, and let's get tipsy
Rememberin the days on the block sippin whiskey
Runnin 'round grinnin, runnin 'round sinnin
Gettin lit, then I wonder why my head kept spinnin
But I'm all grown up now, less throwin up now
Record blowed up, so my hood throwed up
Now let's break loose cause your boy's around
And tonight we gon' celebrate bein allowed riiiiight


It's just one of those days, without a care in the world
You ain't gotta look mean, I know you care for your girl
But she's lookin this way and I'm gonna come get her
Fresh haircut, so I'm feelin quite kipper
Can't nothin go wrong cause my strap's on my back
And if fools wanna scrap then my tool will attack
But forget the click-clack, ain't no need for the steel
Just a straight house party and some meat on the grill

[DJ Quik]
If it's Los Angeles, watch a boss handle biz
I'ma put this on my kids, stupid it's an outfit
If you ain't been around the world keep yo' mouth zipped
Cause I do {?} elevation
You see I'm not normal and I'm not a homo
I'm mo' apt to shoot a porno with you in cornrows
And call it "More Hoes: Volume 5, Volume 6"
And show it in the back of my truck, at the picnic


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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
Album: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Song: Bring Da Ruckus


Shaolin shadowboxing, and the Wu-Tang sword style
If what you say is true, the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang
could be dangerous
Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me?

En garde, I'll let you try my Wu-Tang style

Chorus: RZA

Bring da mother****in ruckus
Bring da mother****in ruckus
Bring da mother, bring da mother****in ruckus
Bring da mother****in ruckus

Verse One: Ghostface Killah

Ghostface, catch the blast of a hype verse
My glock bursts, leave in a hearse, I did worse
I come rough, tough like an elephant tusk
Ya head rush, fly like Egyptian musk
Aw ****, Wu-Tang Clan spark the wicks an'
However, I master the trick just like Nixon
Causin terror, quick damage ya whole era
Hardrocks is locked the **** up, or found shot
P.L.O. style, hazardous, cause I wreck this dangerous
I blow sparks like Waco, Texas

Verse Two: Raekwon the Chef

I watch my back like I'm locked down, hardcore
Hittin sound, watch me act bugged, and tear it down
A literate type *******, songs goin gold, no doubt
and you watch a corny ***** fold
Yeah, they fake and all that
Carryin gats but yo, my Clan
Rollin like forty Macs
Now ya act convinced, I guess it makes sense
Wu-Tang, yo sewwwwwwwww, represent
I wait for one to act up
Now I got him backed up
Gun to his neck now, react what?
And that's one in the chamber
Wu-Tang banger, 36 styles of danger


Verse Three: Inspectah Deck

I rip it hardcore, like porno-flick *****es
I roll with groups of ghetto *******s with biscuits
Check it, my method on the microphone's bangin
Wu-Tang slang'll leave your headpiece hangin
Bust this, I'm kickin like Segall, Out for Justice
The roughness, yes, the rudeness, ruckus
Redrum, I verbally assault with the tongue
Murder one, my style shot ya knot like a stun-gun
I'm hectic, I wreck it with the quickness
Set it on the microphone, and competition get blown
By this nasty *** ***** with my *****, the RZA
Charged like a bull and got pull like a trigga
So bad, stabbin up the pad with the vocab, crab
I scream on ya *** like your dad, bring it on...


Verse Four: The Genius/GZA

Yo, I'm more rugged than slaveman boots
New recruits, I'm ****in' up MC troops
I break loops, and trample ****, while I stomp!
A mudhole in that ***, cause I'm straight out the swamp
Creepin up on site, now it's Fright Night
My Wu-Tang slang is mad ****in' dangerous
And more deadly than the stroke of an axe
Choppin through ya back *swish*
Givin bystanders heart-attacks
*****s try to flip, tell me who is him
I blow up his ****in prism
Make it a vicious act of terrorism
You wanna bring it, so **** it
Come on and bring the ruckus
And I provoke *****z to kick buckets
I'm wettin CREAM, I ain't wettin fame
Who sellin gain, I'm givin out a deadly game
It's not the Russian it's the Wu-Tang crushin
Roulette, slip up and get ****ed like Suzette
Bring da ****in ruckus...


So bring it on...(X7)

punk *****!


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Artist: 2Pac
Album: Me Against the World
Song: If I Die 2Nite

A coward dies a thousand deaths
A soldier dies but once

[Verse One]
They say ***** and paper is poetry power and pistols
Plottin on murderin mother****ers 'fore they get you
Picturin pitiful punk *****z coppin pleas
Puffin weed as I position myself to clock G's
My enemies scatter in suicidal situations
Never to witness the wicked **** that they was facin
Pockets is packed with presidents, pursue your riches
Evadin the playa hatin tricks, while hittin switches
*****es is bad-mouth, cause brawlin mother****ers is bold
But y'all some hoes, the game should be sewed
I'm sick of psychotic society somebody save me
Addicted to drama so even mama couldn't raise me
Even the preacher and all my teachers couldn't reach me
I run in the streets and puffin weed wit my peeps
I'm duckin the cop, I hit the weed as I'm clutchin my glock
*****z is hot when I hit the block, what if I die tonight

If I die tonight (repeat 3X)
"Tonight's the night I get in some ****" -> Dr. Dre

[Verse Two]
Polishin pistols prepare for battle pass the pump
When I get to poppin *****z is droppin then they done
Callin the coroner come collect the ****in corpse
He got it by killer, preoccuppied with bein boss
Revenge is the method, whenever steppin keep a weapon close
Adversaries are overdosed over deadly notes
Jealous *****z and broke *****es equal packed jails
Hit the block and fill your pockets makin crack sales
Picture perfection pursuin paper with a passion
Visions of prisons for all the pussies that I blasted
Runnin with criminals individuals with no remorse
Try to stop me my pistol posse's usin deadly force
In my brain all I can think about is fame
The police know my name, a different game, ain't a thing changed
I'm seein cemetary photos of my peers
Conversatin like they still here, if I die tonight


[Verse Three]
***** and paper is poetry power and pistols
Plottin on murderin mother****ers 'fore they get you
Pray to the heavens three-fifty-sevens to the sky
And I hope I'm forgiven for Thug Livin when I die
I wonder if heaven got a ghetto for Thug *****z
A stress free life and a spot for drug dealers
Pissin while practicin how to pimp and be a playa
Overdose of a dick, while drinkin liquor when I lay her
Pistol whippin these simps, for bein petrified and lame
Disrespectin the game, prayin for punishment and pain
Goin insane, never die, live eternal, who shall I fear?
Don't shed a tear for me ***** I ain't happy hear
I hope they bury me and send me to my rest
Headlines readin MURDERED TO DEATH, my last breath
Take a look picture a crook on his last stand
Mother****ers don't understand, if I die tonight



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Artist: Ras Kass
Album: Soul on Ice
Song: Anything Goes

Yeah, it goes down
Yeah, it goes down
Uh-huh, it goes down
It goes down
I thought you knew it went down
Believe that

Verse One:

I rock Versacci, sippin VSOP and Hennessey in foam cups
Motorola flips with illegal chips
Dip-pin' like Teela where everybody momma collectin money from fiend
Five series Beemer, one-hundred and eighty-nine horsepower
I like *****ed with dimples and nipples the size of silver dollars
Rollin three deep in Eddie Bauers chokin out LAPD Rottweilers
like chihuahuas, all day eryday
In Southern California where the dogs and the ribs stay
And nowadays fools don't know how to act
Cause we all wanna be Tony Montana
Matter of fact, gimme five we got dap, gimme twenty-five
We got a bird and profit is made
So while the homey cut cavvy with a razor blade
I rock beats without baking soda
And money gets watched it's only illegal if you get caught
Thought you knew cause the DEA do it too
Keep seperate books for the internal revenue
Capitalism is pimps and hoes
In ninety-six I 'spose anything goes


Big bank take little bank anything goes
Legal or illegal however you make your cash flow
Big bank take little bank ahh anything goes
Legal or illegal however you make your cash flow

Verse Two:

All you PH Ballers, Dirty Mack's need to KG
I'd rather be a dope MC than a broke OG
I get, manicures to keep my cuticle suitable
Player, don't hate me because I'm beautiful
I got a pocket full of C-notes and food stamps
Just big bills and free meals baby so lamp
Cause jealousy gets you burned like bad perms
if you live you learn, I spit game like Chick Hearns
to women with, measurements of 38-24-36 with DSL's
but money talks ESL
In the game of Monopoly, if you don't pass go then go di-rectly to jail
Cause I've seen fools that struggle and turn they ownself into the po-po
It keeps the humble of they cool low
Selling ten dollar J's right up under the man's nose
Hahh, ***** anything goes



One for the money (money), two for the show (show)
Three for the ladies but all they wanted was one
It's one for the money (money), two for the show (show)
Three for the ladies but all they wanted was one

Verse Three:

*****z got stripes like, Tony the Tiger
But *****z got strikes like Oral Hershiser
So look alive, inflation rise like yeast
S&L scandal stole millions
But we need more police to take back our streets, it's drama
We all know that one-time be extortin them big-ballers
Gettin extradited with warrants in three states
Overcrowded prisons hopin the DA drop the case
So uhh, I ain't forgot about the homey Kevin
He pled no contest and got stretched til ninety-seven
Dizmost and Little Dags hold tight
I know I seldom shoot kites but I be tryin to get my pockets right
My ideal real is Big Willie pourin out Dom P
for the dead homies with *****es splittin Phillies (call it ends)
Call it loot scrilla cream green flow or dough
But to get mo' *****, anything goes

Chorus 2X

"It's no disguise, it makes no sense
It doesn't fit, if it doesn't fit, you must acquit"

Interlude (fades)


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Artist: The Chemical Brothers feat. Richard Ashcroft
Album: Come With Us
Song: The Test

Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?
Am I coming through?
Am I coming through?
Is this sweet and pure and true?


Devil came back this morning,
Said he had something to show me
I was looking like I've never seen a face before
Here we go now, let's slide in through the open door

Picture the things that I'd done before
Circling around me, I'm here on the floor
I'm dreaming this and
I'm dreaming that
Regretting nothing
Think about there

I'm seeing waves breaking forms in my horizon
Yeah I'm shining
I'm seeing waves breaking forms in my horizon, lord
I'm shining yeah

Are you hearing me?
Like I'm hearing you?
Are you hearing me?
Like I'm hearing you?

You know I almost lost my mind
I can't explain
Where I've been
You know how I've almost lost my mind
I can't explain
Where I've been
You know I almost lost my mind
I couldn't explain
What I've seen

Well I'll have to find my way?
To find that the images are fading away

I'm seeing waves breaking forms in my horizon
Yeah I'm shining
I'm seeing waves breaking forms in my horizon, lord
I'm shining yeah
Are you hearing me?
Like I'm hearing you?
Are you hearing me?
Like I'm hearing you?

You know I almost lost my mind
I can't explain
Where I've been
You know I almost lost my mind
I couldn't explain
The things I've seen
But now I think I see the light
Now I think I see the light

Lend me your hand
Lend me your hand
Lend me your hand
Lend me your hand
Lend me your hand

I'm seeing waves breaking forms in my horizon
Yeah I'm shining
I'm seeing waves breaking forms in my horizon, lord
I'm shining

Oh are you hearing me?
Like I'm hearing you
Oh are you hearing me?
Like I'm hearing you?

You know I almost lost my mind
Now I'm home, and I'm free

Did I pass the acid test?
Did I pass the acid test?

You'd better go to bed now


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Artist: GangStarr f/ Inspectah Deck
Album: The Moment of Truth
Song: Above the Clouds

"It has come to our attention that a mysterious force is LOOSE..
somewhere in outer space."

"The mysteries of creation are there."

"Up in the sky?" "Up in the sky."

"The moon and the planets are there.
And new hopes for knowledge and peace are there.
And therefore as we set sail; we ask God's blessing --
on the most hazardous, and dangerous, and greatest adventure
of which man has ever embarked." --> John F. Kennedy

"Prepared for liftoff."

I Self Lord And Master, shall bring disaster to evil factors
Demonic chapters, shall be captured by Kings
Through the storms of days after
Unto the Earth from the Sun through triple darkness to blast ya
with a force that can't be compared
to any firepower, for it's mindpower shared
The brainwake, causes vessels to circulate
like constellations reflect at night off the lake
Word to the father, and Mother Earth
Seeking everlasting life through this Hell for what it's worth
Look listen and observe
and watch another C-Cypher pullin my peeps to the curb
Heed the words; it's like ghetto style proverbs
The righteous pay a sacrifice to get what they deserve
Cannot afford to be confined to a cell
Brainwaves swell, turnin a desert to a well
Experience the best teacher; thoughts will spray
like street sweepers Little Daddy street preacher
Illustrious feature, narrator you select
Accompanied by Deck plus the DJ you respect
The seven and a half combine, over the frontline
The ten percenters, promotin slander in the airtime
Bear in mind jewels be the tools of the trade
Sharp veins heavenly praise and dues are paid

[Chorus: Guru]
Above the crowds, above the clouds where the sounds are original
Infinite skills create miracles
Warrior spiritual -- above the clouds
reigning/raining down, holdin it down

[Inspectah Deck]
Yeah; I leave scientists mentally scarred, triple extra large
Wild like rock stars who smash guitars
Poison bars from the Gods bust holes in your mirage
and catch a charge shake em down like the riot squad
Invade your zone, ruin like ancient Rome
I span the universe and return to Earth to claim my throne
The maker, owner, plus soul controller
Ayatollah rest in the sky, the cloud's my sofa
Stand like Collossus, regardless to whom or what
Numerous attempts at my life, so who to trust
Who but us, to supply you with the fire?
The burning truth, 150 Absolut proof
On the mic like Moses spoke in golden scribe
Survivor of the oldest tribe whose soldiers died
I notified families, we shed tears and more
but our hands are the ammo cause the battle's still on
Sound the horn; we come rumblin through the function
Precise laser beam technique to touch somethin
When we die hard, to build the monument to honor us with
Humungous effect in the world - we could have conquered it

[Chorus] - 2X


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Artist: KRS One
Album: I Got Next
Song: The MC

Who am I? The MC, la-di da-di
I don't wear Versace, I wear DJ's out quickly at the party
Who am I? If you're like me hip hop is in your body
Who am I? THE MC!
When the jam is slow and you need a proceeder
Who am I? THE MC!
When you need a lyrical leader wit oratorical triple features
Who am I? THE MC!
When you need to rock your 3000-seat arena, best believe, uh
Who am I? THE MC!
When you need to get the word on the street wit demeanor
Who am I? THE MC!
I beg thee, let me splurt rhymes, I have plenty
Who am I? THE MC! Lord have mercy
I hit sudden like Hersey
always New like Jersey, stay thirsty
Who am I? THE MC!
Showin my authority, superiority
an artistic minority, now you startin me
Cuz party philosophy can only be carried out by
Who am I? THE MC!
No doubt, predicting far ahead what will set the party off immensely
with plenty of who? THE MC!
Trained at Rooftop, Red Zone, Roxy and Bentley's
Who am I? THE MC!
Gently move crowds with harmonious rhythm
Cuz the lyrics we give em they miss em
Who am I? THE MC! again, THE MC!
Her infinite power helps, oppressed people sent me to tell you
if you truly study lyrical flows and stay on your toes you will be
Who am I? THE MC!
and as an MC you will study verbal magic
but watch what you say cuz you'll attract it
control your subconscious magnet from pullin in havoc
Who am I? The MC!
Non-stoppin MC, hip hoppin MC
Verbal rockin, head knockin, quick droppin MC
I laugh cuz I mastered the craft MC
In sound clash I'm the first and last MC
It's sort of like Jim Carrey throwin that Mask to me
I black out and wake up to catastrophe
3 MC's dead from the sound blowin out massively, wow!
Who am I? The MC!
Untouchable, can't be caught off guard with fast tracks or slow tracks
*** cracks get waxed to the max, MC's pack raps for all tracks
Indigenous cultures, Asians, Whites and Blacks
never missed it the linguistic of
Who am I? THE MC!
Meta-lyrical poetic mystic MC
Hearin the voice of an ancient spirit MC
Premeditated worder
Killin negative concepts out the mind of the observer MC
You deserve a break from counterfeits, frauds and fakes
claimin to be an MC for heaven sakes
Well, this MC done raised the stakes
under the stress from KRS
contracts and mental gats are bound to break
Who am I? THE MC! again the MC!
Conduct yourselves properly MC...


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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
Album: Wu-Tang Forever
Song: Black Shampoo

Hard days of work
You had a hard day at work baby
I want you to sit down, relax
While I soak you in my mentals
Backrub style, watch this, yo, yo
Massage, peppermint oil, shampoo and pears
Cinnamin, aloe, natural for you hair
So lather the soap, coconut conditioning
Honey lather, blood flowing, love glistening
Motion lotion, breeze, over the ocean
Lovers, bath crystals, lovers bun scrubbers
Hot milk bath, steam shower rubbing
These will splash long loving in your oven
Make it off, break it off, till it gets soft
Passion fruit, ***** cat, want to touch it off
In and out, rapers patients, Hershey's Kisses get a style
Stress reliever soak your feet, air them out
Brain message, think about pink
Stress relieving, no dishes in the sink
Upper lower, left, right, neck don't play
Back rub, count on, take me away
Waterfall beads, streams, plush and lavish
Come with me through all the damn madness
Night breeze at sea, sipping tea
You and your queen melodies, and trees, 85 degrees
Jet skis breeze
Scraping water on chocolate, butter scotch flowers
Vapor action, tropical sunshower
Baby powder, relax, feel for an hour
Sand suntan, snuggled up snug
Snowey days, fireplace, oriental rug
Thugs, lay on the couch, pull it out, perfect balance
Chemical stimuli, two tokes off the chalace
Complete silence, what surround us
Whats the finest, wrapped in cold sheets
Vanilla apple heat, loop played jazz music, coffee pillow sleeps
Breakfast in bed, early morning sun treats
Sunset level, suprise sunrises, hell
Lay on the couch, while I clip your toenails
Dreams of peaches and cream steam secret spells
Soft spoken gospel, Barry White acapell
Violin, good medicine, sound swell
Sunshine like, the right, without the hell
Taste sugar, wise storm steam stick
Slowdance drink, like nights over Egypt
Having, stabbing, calm chilling now we rolling
Company, ice cream licking now we holding
Gentle force, warm tingle of the golden
Open loose, ice cubes, kiss your belly
Alcohol, palm trees, peanut butter jelly
Almond twirl, fantastic melodies
Soon, taste these spoons
Wiping me with toon, fly wine, prize storm
Now it's high noon, rasberry spices
Cherry breath, drink from the mountain, sip the very best
Sounds of the shore, every winter is a war
Paradise life, recipe now pour
Musicness, model, gentle mental
Wash away your sorrow, fantasy Allah
Put the message in the bottle
Carry you through, the threshold, do my duty
Happy ending, go to rest Sleeping Beauty
Yo, this is that body shop ****
Love love slam
Edible underwear, champagne, bubble bath
Have your snack on that *** that
Know what I mean?
Massaging these melodies
Put that gangsta **** on the shelf
Blow winds, blow, through your hair
Sea breeze sticks and ****
Right right

[Method Man]
When your around boo
Come and chop this mother ****ing beat you stank *** trick


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Artist: De La Soul f/ Ghostface
Album: The Grind Date
Song: He Comes

"Oh, whaddya know? He comes"

Down, like water, fresh out the clouds clown
Drown you like terrible weather
Nobody does it better than I, so approved by Carly Simon
Most rappers is real hard, but still hardly rhymin
To all - rise and shine - give God the glory
I already give a percent of mine to Bert & Cory
And still got bills and employees to pay
So excuse me Lord, we'll settle up towards the end of my days
My ways of control is hard to swallow
Known to lead, but some would rather see me follow behind
Sorry to dis-appoint, but dis joint's mine
Dis-play your indie but say no -
- more or I'll blind you like spit did to Remo
- to the dirt - and edit the clip and lost Kano
My mens wear problems like Timbs
See it all in they face, ask Mase, he got wars to win
Scores to settle, crews to crush
You rush right in to see him do it with a smile
It's Long Isle y'all, longevity sustainin my celebrity status
From AM to PM, you see him on file y'all
I was told to step righteous, so when it's done
everyone will say I stepped right
And whether through religion, or stopped by the cop
shinin his flash in my face, I'm bound to see the light

"A few short words, and whaddya know?"
"Oh, whaddya know? He comes"

Aiyyo I'm up against these walls, here's my back stiff straight up
Dazzle and razzlin broads like I'm little Juan Magic
Magnetically handle mics, they don't drop
Top drama every time these commas don't drop
Pop spots like lint on your shirt, the net worth
to shoot the rock homey in many courts of ball
Four couldn't do it, so we bring all six
I circumcise the track, you just a dick - overlapped and hooded
Skin repeated like Stutterin John
I repeat like yesterday, it don't stop
George of this poor life pop, put to Scarlet
in a place she believes, much better than your lies
She say she lookin better in my eyes, bull****!
Same crock she done ran to duck, crammin to ****
I put the pudding on her like Bill Cosby
I tried to speak my piece in court but Judge Mills paused me
Bifocusedly die hopeless sometimes
Yo cry your poker face, you oughta try it one time
When God is an non pos', you stand to download
Demanded like slaves on trial - we want free
Man **** aim ready, it's time you MC
So you rappers bust bee-bee guns, graffiti runs
through my veins since cable with the wired remote
Woodgrainin like you wired his float

[Interlude: Ghostface]
C'mon, Pretty Toney and De La Soul
We was rhymin through the frozen street since 8 years old
Take us back to eighty-eight, you couldn't catch our flow
A group of kids so original

[Ghost] You heard?


[Ghostface Killah]
Tony 'Tana with big hammers for bad manners who got 'em
We kiss cannons for Scrangelous crew, and his whack dancers
Bitin is forbidden pah, pay that tax
And don't you ever look at us funny - boy, we'll bring rap back
And that'll hurt you like Superman, chased by a group of men
with dyna-mics, real hip-hop'll do you in
For you like Loo Goo Kim, or Moo Loo Inn
Hula hoop all *****es crew full with brand new Keds
Cutmaster kill 'em, make sure we cut classics
Buck *******s in broad day and tuck caskets
Next to Uday and Qusay, how can the group shoot the PA
and just lay whooptay whooptay?
Use the ruse, sport beads and snatch a dude's toupee
Since tunin into T-La Rock'n AJ
Ghostface gats is freshed squeezed like a glass of OJ
Girls you can go cruisin in my OJ

"A few short words, and whaddya know?"
"Oh, whaddya know? He comes"


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Artist: Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
Album: Soul Survivor 2
Song: It's a Love Thing

[Verse 1: C.L. Smooth]
You're beautiful, the way you wear that, share that
Have many ladies, but nothing can compare to that smile
That style that drives men wild
That ring could have Big Daddy walkin' down the isle
Proper you a show stopper, girl endure dropper
I can see me leavin' Suze and bring it home to mama
What you lookin at is pure bred stallion
I'm slayin' it you really care to know whose jay in it
Oh how lucky are we catch you comin' out the shower
And I'm right there to wipe down your body
Spread that scented lotion all around your curves
Anything you want, all she deserves
Baby calm your nerves make this work
Only thing in life you fear is being hurt
Here to protect thought otherwise
I'm here to correct you can trust me

[Verse 2: C.L. Smooth]
You and I now that's a hot couple
When it's off in the same club
Now you askin' for nothing but trouble
Watch you jumpin' at the Red Labels
Got my woman and her girlfriends dancin' on the tables
Shut down the joint, me I'm just laidback and all
Surrounded by the gangsters puffin' on the cigar
Badder chick in the world keep *****z cranked
Yes the hottest chick on the planet keep a ***** ranked
The question is can you top that homie
You can probably pull something close but stop that homie
Not even, could have that even if I stopped breathin'
Don't hope for that my ghost will be pokin' the steel
Read my will my boys get it all no gimmicks
But I'm here to let you know my jump off is off limits
Life and love get made for a thug
Once I settled in you made me a gentleman

[Verse 3: C.L. Smooth]
Tot game is crazy diamonds off the lettle
Travel through these ghettos drop to top
Let 'em see what I'm workin' with came to win
How the don keeps the fun to blow in the wind
World war is magnetic that attracts loot
She look Wall Street briefcase, pen strife suit
The hair rub in a bun, spectacles on her nose
Any deal she makes, my business grows
They say a woman's never satisfied
Till she have me to fill it to her heart's content
It's my blessing, God gave you to me
And words can't describe, what you do for me
Your C.L. is, love me or love me not
But no-one can match this chemistry we got
Why they all fall, you C.L.'s wive
Cause all we got is eachother a bond for life


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Artist: Nas
Album: The Lost Tapes]
Song: Poppa Was a Player

To My ***** who brought me in this world
Taught us right *****

My old dad imported to the family structure
Provide her God
My moms a queen at university civaliza
My pops maybe was late but always came home
My moms would put us to bed and she would wait on
Soon as he walk in the door she barking
I turned out the Jonny Carson
Jumped out the bed
We grabbed both his legs
Me and my brother
Not knowing the pain he gave my mother
Night after night, fighting yelling at each other
My papa played the street all day
Mama was either home, at work, while we played inside the hall way
She sacrifices all she got to feed us
When she was alone she cried by the phone pepping out the window heeding
But still I didn't see it
Mama hid it from us
We was kids younger
Till we got bigger, on to
Bigger things that we knew what the time was
That daddy was leaving the crib and moms love

Papa was player, player wasn't papa
Papa loved the ladies
Never got enough of
Pretty brown round
Running round town (Shhhhh)
Don't tell your mother what's going down
(Repeat 2x)

So many kids I knew, never knew what Pap was
That's why I show my pop love
He was still around when I ****ed up
He could have left
My moms pregnant shock to death but stayed
Watch me crawl till I took my first step, to the first grade
To my first fist fight
Right behind me he would stand
No matter how big or tall he made me fight you like a man
Throw dirt in your eye, swing my right scoop your *** and slam
He watched me so I wouldn't get jumped by shorty's fam
Roaches and weed all over my crib him and moms relaxing
Next thing you know he packing
So then I asked him
What's this white **** on that plate and your facing?
Papa why you butt *** from the waist
And who's this lady I'm facing
Dark skin you're not my mommy
He grabbed me up to run some smooth words by me
Promise things that he would buy me
If I kept my mouth close and don't tell mommy
He said one day I'll understand little me
Was in you to side me

Papa was player, player wasn't papa
Papa loved the ladies
Never got enough of
Pretty brown round
Running round town (Shhhhh)
Don't tell your mother what's going down
(Repeat 2x)

Pop's told me hold my own
Pop's told me value home
Could I help it papa was a rolling stone
Who loved the pretty brown round
Out of town bound
Jumping in his jazz Benz he touring
At home I play his latest recordings
And it's strange now how, I do my thing now
I'm in the game now
And heard of it his brain pow
To pull strings and gain power
>From weed habits are same now
No white lines to trumpets to tight rhymes
And beats that be pumping
Before he left he taught me something
A child's young years the most important time to be there
That's why he stayed till we grew up, respect is still here
I'm older now see what having a father's about
One day they can be in your life next day they be out
It's not because of you, you know the deal
Him and your moms feel
If they stay together then someone will get killed
I love you still
Always will
Cause that's my *****
Although you felt you was wrong
I still feel you kid
Life gose on

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