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From the Tribune this morning a story on Chet Walker, his Bulls teams, and other good teams that didn't when titles:


He was a member of the greatest NBA team no one ever talks about. So perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that Chet Walker (right) is arguably the greatest player not in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

"The first couple of years I was nominated, I was kind of disappointed," said Walker, waiting out his sixth nomination for the Hall. "Now, if it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. It is an honor to be nominated.
The greatest player in Bradley history enjoyed the school's nice NCAA run and says there were "some feelers" a few years back about having his jersey number retired by the Bulls with teammates Bob Love and Jerry Sloan.

"I did not leave under the best of circumstances," Walker says with an apologetic smile. "I don't know if that's still a factor, or what. A lot of people have long memories."

Actually, people don't. At least not about that 1971-75 Bulls team, which never has received the credit it deserves because it didn't win a championship. The team broke up after perhaps the most heartbreaking loss in Chicago NBA history--a Game 7 loss in the 1975 conference finals to eventual champion Golden State.

Walker, still averaging more than 19 per game, retired in the wake of continued disputes with coach Dick Motta, who also was busy trying to run off Love and Norm Van Lier.

"I don't like to criticize people," says Walker, known back when he played as private and professional. "But I kind of had a problem with the coach. He was a very sensitive guy and he wasn't quite comfortable with his position."
The other best teams which didn't win titles: The Stockton/Malone Jazz teams,
the 1994-1996 Orlando Magic teams, the 1964-1967 Cincinnati Royals, and the 1988-1994 Portland Trailblazers.

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jnrjr79 said:
I would have thought the Ewing Knicks might have been up there as well.
The 1993 Knicks won 60 games. That was their best year. From 1992-1997 they won 51, 60, 57, 55, 47, and 57 games.

Utah won 60, 55, 64, and 62 in consecutive seasons.

She didn't mention the Sonics, but from 1994-1998 they won 63, 57, 64, 57, and 61 games.

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When you think about it, the mid 90s had very, very good teams that never won a title simply b/c MJ and Pip and Co. were too stubborn to let it happen. Those Seattle, New York, and Utah teams had top to bottom a great roster but just couldn't get past MJ. Let's not forget either about the old Charlotte squads with Dell Curry, Mugsey, Mourning and Larry J at their absolute apexes. Orlando as well with Penny, Shaq, Dennis Scott, etc. were very good as well. When will teams nowadays learn you don't trade away a star, you build around them, keep your coaching intact to give the players some foundation and implement a system and the game and the league will become much better.
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