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Warriors 122 Mavs 121 Grades: The Nellie Curse?

Don Nelson used to coach the Warriors. Nellie also used to coach the Mavs. No reason to expect anything but classic Nellie ball tonight as both teams gets into the 120s. Actually, both teams did play some defense. The Warriors ended up with 15 steals, most resulting in uncontested dunks. Armstrong and Dampier played some good defense for the Mavs. Dirk even scores a season high 51 points, a career high in a non-overtime game, but it’s not enough. The Mavs nail their first 30 free throws but finish 5-8 including Jason’s missed free throw that led to Jason Richardson’s game winning trey off a spin move. Exciting game, just the wrong result….

Johnson: C-, Avery might be ready to spend another bullet as the Mavs defense was non-existent for most of the game, nearly as bad as the way the Mavs took care of the ball on their way to 20 turnovers.

Marshall : B; Rawle started off with a great blocked shot as one of the few Mavs playing defense in the first half. Marshall is probably guaranteeing he will have a job for a few years in the NBA with his play of late, even if Avery isn’t quite convinced. Rawle ends up with 8 points (2-4 FG, 0-1 trey, 4-4 FT) including a nice sweeping espn-highlight two handed slam. +10

Nowitzki: B; Dirk was on fire early and never cooled off on his way to 51 points (16-24 FG, 3-4 treys, 16-17 FT), a season high as well as a career high for a non-overtime game. Dirk also snagged 9 rebounds to go with 5 assists, 2 steals and a blocked shot. Unfortunately Dirk also had a game high 5 turnovers. +54

Diop: B; DeSagana had a good game with 9 rebounds and a blocked shot to go with 2 points (1-1 FG). Zero turnovers. +13

Daniels: C; Marquis put up 12 points (6-8 FG) and had 4 assists but coughed the ball up 3 times as well. +14

Terry: C+; Jason’s missed free throw will be remembered, maybe as much as Richardson’s spinning trey over Terry. Too bad as Jason, even with foul trouble, had 29 points (10-18 FG, 2-7 treys, 7-8 FT) and a Mavs’ high 7 assists. Of course, Jason was also part of the problem with 3 turnovers. +27

Stackhouse: D; Jerry has hit bottom on his shooting funk. He is now hesitant to take his shots, several times passing up the open jumper or not wanting to drive and not get the call. Stackhouse got 4 points (4-4) from the stripe but was 0-6 from the field. +0

M’Benga: B; DJ was part of the not drafted crew for a time in the game, along with Marshall and Powell as he got 2 blocked shots and grabbed a rebound in 3 minutes. +3

Dampier: C; Erick no doubt wanted this one bad against his former team mates. Erick’s defense was there tonight with 2 blocked shots and 10 rebounds, but was only 1-6 from the field along with being credited with 3 turnovers. +7

Powell: C, Josh had a nice power move to the basket for a bucket but otherwise struggled on the floor. +1

Armstrong : B; Darrell brought it tonight defensively but it wasn’t enough. Armstrong had one of his better scoring nights with 10 points (3-4 FG, 1-2 treys, 3-4 FT) and drew several charges tonight. +12

Griffin: DNP-CD, Adrian is out with a strained right hamstring.

Van Horn: DNP-CD, Keith is with a strained MCL sustained when Darrell Armstrong was pushed into him in the Bobcat game. Keith has started light running and will accompany the team on their upcoming road trip.

Harris: DNP-CD, Inactive. Devin is out with a sore quadriceps.

Howard: DNP-CD, Inactive. Josh is out with a strained hamstring.

Podkolzin: DNP-CD, Inactive. Pavel has been sent to the Fort Worth Flyers for playing time.

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