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"I can't go wrong. This is the perfect environment for me to stay involved in the game, share my experience, and at the same time, not get too close to it while I see if I'm any good at it." - Steve Nash

Steve Nash
"I think he's one of the most innovative athletes I have ever seen when it comes to pursuing greatness, whether it's conditioning, basketball drills or whatever. He's got an amazing feel for the game and an amazing mind. Steve was the most efficient player I've ever been around, and my hope is that he can help make our guys be more efficient. I think he will." - Steve Kerr

Jeff Hornacek
Jeff and I are pretty similar personalities. There's a lot of fire inside, but pretty calm and laid back at the same time. I think players appreciate that. You don't want a huge emotional ride every single day, but you've got to have some direction and some fire. So I looked at Jeff and the job he did last year and the success he had, and I drew inspiration from that. I still watch him and watch his team with a lot of respect. They do a lot of really innovative things offensively, and they play hard."

- Steve Ker
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