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Hello everyone,

This is the first post here, so a little about me.

I am a Warriors fan from India. I follow NBA as much as possible. Of course I can't watch the live games as they are broadcast at unearthly hours in India, but I do keep up with the scores and news.

I used to be a big Steve Nash fans and supported him in Phoenix. I have always had a soft spot for Point Guards, tiny men who deal the ball to giants and more than hold their own. Once Nash retired, I was looking for a new point guard and Curry got my attention. I started following Curry and its been a pleasure following the Warriors since then.

With Nash the fandom didn't extend over to the Suns (though I still kind of have a soft spot for them), but I am not just a Curry fan but a Warriors fan now.

Was obviously delighted to hear that Suns now not have 4 but 5 All-star starters. Didn't get the criticism from a lot of people. What are the Warriors supposed to do, deliberately sabotage their team so the rest of the teams stand a chance.

All teams try to improve their squad and whats wrong if Warriors did it. All the talk of NBA not being competitive is nothing but jealously pouring out. They can't say oh the Warriors are so good and the team they support is not. So they try all this competitive nonsense.

This Warriors starting 5 at full strength has got to be the strongest 5 starters for any team ever in NBA history. Are there any that come even close.

I remember the Celtics starting line up of Rondo Garnett Pierce and Allen, but even that would get trashed by this Warriors line up. Think of any more?
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