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Warriors trade:

The Warriors are major need of an overhaul. This lineup is nice, something to build on but will get us nowhere but a late lottery pick. Richardson is not the player we hoped to be. Damp. is a serviceable center, but will not be an option in the post when the game is on the line. Van Exel has already stated he wants to be closer to his son, so there is no sense in spending any more energy on him.

The Warriors have been part of many trade rumors. These trades include players who are either have struck their last cord w/ their current team or are need of a change of scenery.

These trades are based on rumored trades between the Warriors and the Blazers. And Blazers and Orlando. I figured to invite everyone to this dance. My trade idea is a bit outrageous, but in the end I feel it works out for everyone.

Trade id: 1477087 (

Warriors trade:

Van Exel

Portland trades:

One of their 1st round picks (Memphis or their own)

Orlando trades:

Dallas trades:

Line ups:

Speedy Claxton, Reese Gaines
Tracy McGrady, Mickael Pietrus
Mike Dunleavy, Grant Hill
Troy Murphy, Brian Cardinal
Rasheed Wallace, Steven Hunter

Outlook: Warriors are proactive and enter the free agent market early and get their superstar. The team will be built around McGrady. Wallace will fit nicely as the 2nd or 3rd option. Can resign him should he wants to stay or deal him in a sign and trade w/ another team. Warriors don’t loose a pick in this trade and can use it to fill any spot on their roster. They do take on Grant Hill’s contract, but if his foot gets better then Hill will fit nicely at the 3 spot backing up Dunleavy. Should he retire, the Warriors may be able to get an injury exception from the NBA. Warrior’s lineup is a good mixture of veterans and youth. Basically, if you want to get something, then you’ll have to take some garbage to make it work out.


Derek Anderson Travis Best, Qyntel Woods
Wesley Person, Ruben Patterson
Antawn Jamison, Darius Miles, Travis Outlaw
Zack Randolph, Pat Garrity
Erick Dampier, Dale Davis, Vladimir Stepania

Outlook: Blazers rid themselves of Rasheed and Stoudamire. They get to start over with a younger lineup. Zack Randolph’s emergence as a force will be the centerpiece of the team. Joined w/ Damp. in the post will only solidify them in the paint. Pat Garrity gives them the flexibility to plug him in at either of the forward spots. Best backs up Anderson at the point and Jamison holds down the SF spot. Patterson is the odd man out now w/ Miles backing up Jamison and can be traded for a role player(s). Add Dale Davis to a potential trade and Portland will get something back.. They will have Memphis’s or their own pick to add depth.


Damon Stoudamire, Tyronne Lue, Rod Strickland, Avery Johnson
Jason Richardson, Gordon Giricek, Calbert Cheaney
Drew Gooden, Josh Howard, Keith Bogans
Juwan Howard, Cliff Robinson
Andonal Foyle, Andrew Declercq, Evan Ecshmeyer

Outlook: Yes, I know. They loose Mcgrady. BUT, they rid themselves of Grant Hill and his pesky injury. They upgrade their point guard and center position. The Magic now has many options at this point. Juwan Howard can be moved for an expiring contract. Strickland, Cheaney, Avery Johnson, and Foyle are in the last year of their contracts. Foyle will most likely be the only one resigned. Cliff Robinson can be used as trade bait as well to a playoff team who needs his services or stay to help with the rookies. Drew Gooden will now fill the 3/4 spot and see if he can shine. Josh Howard will play backup in the SF position. The Magic picks up another #1 draft pick from Portland (either Portland’s or Memphis’s pick, whichever is lower) to fill in their needs. Jason Richardson will have some large shoes to fill, but is good enough to lessen the pain of losing Mcgrady. The Magic can now use their own high lottery pick to get a center or power forward to fill out their roster.


Steve Nash, Nick Van Exel
Michael Finley, Toni Delk
Antoine Walker, Tariq Abdul-Wahad
Dirk Nowitzki, Eduardo Najera
Danny Fortson, Shawn Bradley, Scott Williams

Outlook: Dallas’s original trade with the Warriors was premature and got rid of the most vial asset. Van Exel. This trade makes everyone happy. Walker can now play at the 3 and Dirk at 4 w/o having to sit one of them for Jamison. Van Exel actually gives the Mavs. more options as he can play the one and two. Finley can now play at the 3 if needed. Van Exel comes home and can be w/ his son now. They do lose Howard, but given some time he’ll just lost in this All Star lineup.

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