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The Golden State Warriors are gifting their oldest living fan with tickets to Game 1 of the NBA Finals. "Sweetie" (her real name is redacted out of privacy concerns) is, as of writing, 105 years old and will turn a year older on June 12. According to the Oakland Tribune, the Warriors heard about her not too long ago, and decided — because of her lifelong loyalty — to let her become VIP for a night, which means access to a sweet parking spot and security from the media.

Coach Steve Kerr is excited for "Sweetie" to see the team play:

"What a great story ... 105 years old, following the Warriors for all these years," Kerr said. "I loved her message: 'Don't get the swell head.' That's always our message to the guys, but Sweetie had a better way of putting it than I did. "From what I gather, we're going to have her at Game 1, which I'm really excited about."

As for "Sweetie," she's obviously excited, but not without a little criticism for the last game in the Western Conference finals:

Interviewed Friday, Sweetie said she enjoyed the final game of the Western Conference finals, and like many fans she was filled with angst.

"Oh, I did like that last game," Sweetie said. "I loved it, but it made me kind of angry because I wanted to slap them boys for playing so sloppy in the first half," Sweetie said. "I enjoyed every bit of it."
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