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On and off the air for tonight’s Comcast show, Bob Myers and Jerry West told each other and told everybody nearby that they’re loving the energy of the Warriors’ draft room right now.

It’s lively. There’s strong, good and continuous debate. That seems beyond question.

Everybody has an opinion–I would imagine from Joe Lacob to Myers to West to Kirk Lacob to Travis Schlenk and maybe to the scouts and the coaches.

I asked West: Is there any kind of consensus forming in there?

West said that, through the discussions, the Warriors have pretty much settled on “two or three” players that they’d take if they get to the GSW’s 7th slot.

And West suggested that if those players are all gone, the Warriors have the option to trade down to recoup multiple players.

West also said that at 7, the Warriors need a player who can help immediately, that they can’t wait around for a couple years for somebody to develop. And he said that first and foremost, the team needs and will add toughness in this draft.

That isn’t too difficult to decipher, because it all points away from UConn big man Andre Drummond, who 1) isn’t ready to help right now and 2) certainly isn’t considered one of the tough, passionate guys in this draft.

Lacob might and probably will urge the draft room to give Drummond one more look if he’s there at 7, but I expect the Warriors to either pass on him or take him and then trade him.

I don’t expect them to have Drummond on their roster in October, is what I’m saying.

So who are the two or three guys West is referencing? I believe North Carolina’s Harrison Barnes, Syracuse’s Dion Waiters are two of them, and maybe the third is Weber State’s Damian Lillard or, as Marcus Thompson II suggested earlier today, Duke’s Austin Rivers.

But Lillard and Rivers are both straight-up point guards, and I don’t know how much the Warriors want to go back down the road of wondering what this all means for Stephen Curry’s future–which would be a duplicate of the drafting of Curry and the immediate wondering about Monta Ellis’ future.

And the “toughness” remark really sounds like a description of Waiters, a combo guard who I’ve heard is getting raves from opponent coaches and players during this process.

In fact, I was told that when asked about Waiters and Drummond, players and coaches who competed against both say Waiters is easily the superior talent and player.
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