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Warriors vs. Rockets (4/7)

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Fri Apr. 7
7:30 pm

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It'll be another ugly game, but I'll still watch it tonight.
Warriors never fail to disappoint...14-2 run by the Rockets to close the game?

And how could we have left 3 point shooters that open?
What sucks is that the Warriors are gonna get another mediocre draft pick and pick another mediocre player and the cycle continues. I wish they would just be bad enough to snag a top draft pick rather than get the 10th pick every year.
Hold on, halfbreed. If there's one thing Mullin's done well as a GM, it's draft for the position he has. I'm confident we'll get the best player for our team that's available....

That being said, man does this team still look raw or what? I was glad to hear Oakland boo the team--this team need a kick in the a**.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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