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washington wizards

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maybe they know something there that i dont but i'm not me 3 out of their last 4 big moves have been questionable;
1.kwame brown may turn out to be a decent player,maybe a good player but in hindisight they should have taken gasol or chandler or even traded down and taken jason richardson
2.jared jeffries,this would be the move i would agree with.
3.i dont have a problem with trading for the 17th pick in this years draft but i dont take juan dixon.
4.singing larry hughes to a 3 year have to be kidding me right?i dont want to hear he can play the 1 and the 2 and this and that.fact is he stinks at the 1 and they thought so much of him in gs that they let him more thing.does he become the 3rd 2g on that team behing hamilton and jordan?
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Some of their moves have me somewhat baffled, too.

Maybe they are stockpiling with the thought of a trade later? Maybe they don't anticipate Jordan playing too much at SF, which is what he played last year?
BCH, that was a meaningful run down you gave! It really explained each of the moves and positions with care. Thanks!
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