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Obviously this little mock is before the KVBL combine (grades) and final draft positions are not set....but idgaf!

1. Los Angeles Lakers - Darnell Cage (18) - SG/SF 6'5 188 - Cape Canaveral Prep (FL) - The Lakers have the cleanest of clean slates with their roster and 20% of the draft picks in this draft. So most likely they will take the long road and go pedo.

2. New Orleans Jazz - LeSean Barkley (21) - PG/SG/SF 6'5 192 - Uconn - New Orleans roster looks a bit better than the Lakers. They have a decent building block in Bowman already ready to go. Barkley's versatility should play well with Bowman and leaves the Jazz plenty of options for the future.

3. Vancouver Lions - Delanie Watson (19) - SF 6'8 201 - Tennessee With "Hellyes" running the offense, the Lions could really use someone who can score the ball. Watson has youth and defense that should play well.

4. Phoenix Suns - Rell Ballard (21) - SF/PF/C 6'11 195 - Uconn - From the "Life comes at you fast"section of the lottery. The Suns went all in and could not get it going. Rell Ballard (Raja Bell?) could be the next hoenix love child.

5. Cleveland Cavaliers - Larry Jones (21) - SG/SF/PF 6'7 198 - Georgia - The Cavs were hoping to jump into respectablility this season but smartly did not rush the process. Adding Jones to their young guys could set them up for a long run of contention.

6. Los Angeles Clippers - Tyrese Mason (19) - PF/C 6'10 243 - Kent State - The Clippers are set in the backcourt but have absolutely nothing inside. Mason could prove a valuable pick and roll partner for Anton or Moe.

7. Miami Heat (via Chicago Bulls) - Jermaine Francis (19) - PG 6'0 163 - Florida State - Although the Heat have Graf running point, history says he is not a Heat type player and they look for someone more defensive.

8. Miami Heat - Stanley Weston (20) - PG/SG 6'2 168 - Ontario University - With multiple lottery picks in hand, the Heat can afford to take a chance on a player that might be a star.

9. Memphis Grizzlies - Mookie Smalls (21) - PF/C 6'11 242 - Texas - The Grizzlies can use some size on the inside after gutting their roster. They are hoping Holland develops but he is likely a bum:rotf:.

10. Miami Heat (via Treadmill USA) - Alvin Woods (24) - SG/SF 6'6 188 - Army - Although the Heat would likely like someone younger, they will take someone they know can play. Better a low ceiling than a low floor.
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