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Guys you have to admit it has become a tad boring, so since the officials and administrators cannot seeem to think of ways to improve the structure of this event then I will take it upon myself to do it. It just needs something new as an addition to the main game, rookie challenge, 3 point shootout and dunk competition.

We need to have a two on two competition, featuring 2 representatives from each side, first to 11, in a knockout competition. Why not, the fans would love it and would love to see some kick a'ss one on one and huge open dunks.

Atlanta - Terry, Shareef
Boston - Pierce, Walker
Chicago - Rose, Chandler
Cleveland - Wagner, Miles
Denver - Jackson, Camby
Detroit - Stackhouse, Wallace
Golden State - Richardson, Jamison
Houston - Francis, Griffin
Indiana - Tinsley, Jermaine
Clippers - Miller, Odom
Lakers - Check this out - Kobe, Shaq
Miami - Jones, Zo
Milwaukee - Allen, Thomas
Minnesota - KG, Wally
Orlando - Hill, T-Mac
Philadelphia - Iverson, Van Horn
Phoenix - Marbury, Marion
Seattle - Payton, Lewis
San Antonio - Duncan, Parker
Toronto - Carter, Davis
Utah, Stockton, Malone
Washington - Brown, Hamilton
Memphis - Williams, Gasol
New Orleans - Davis, Mashburn
Dallas - Finley, Dirk
Portland - Pippen, Wallace
Sacramento - Webber, Bibby
Nets - Kidd, Martin
Knicks - Spree, McDyess

Why wouldn't this work?? It would not take alot of time in a knock out first to 11 contest. Maybe make the fans, vote for which players they want to see on a particular team, so then the players cannot pull out for stupid reasons, as they would not want to let down their fans. This is just an idea and it seems that the administators are not doing anything to improve it anyway.

Or how about a one-on-one competition?? Yeah, this would not work as the players would not want the humiliation of getting their a'ss kicked on national TV and in front of a huge crowd. But these are some ideas that need to be passed around. as good as All-Star weekend is, it has become a tad stale and a new concept needs to be tried and raised. I mean who does not love 2 on 2 games. How sick would it be seeing Hill and T-Mac dunking off alley-oops and feeding off their unbelievable skills. The players would play, as it is something different and fun and a chance to take a time out and showcase their skills in front of the live crowd. Opinions required, haters bring it on!!!
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