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Originally posted by <b>hunterb14</b>!
Then we could really see who is the best 1 on 1 player and all of this Kobe vs. TMAC vs. Pierce crap would stop. I know there arent any big guys but if i put them in they would when because of their size.
I don't think that would stop anything, but that's the best part. I think the winner would only be the winner for a year because the rest of the guys would hit the gym because they lost and come back 1-on-1 machines the next year. Pride is nonexistent in the current format.

They need to redo the slam dunk contest. Get the best dunkers vince, kobe etc. and take of the wheel. Players like Francis didnt have a chance since they had to do a dunk in which they had to be able to palm the ball.
Do you know Kobe would have competed in last year's competition, but no one called him to ask him to be in it???
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