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We can all rest easier now, Dempsey is Rider's coach

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I find the last line comical -- "Dempsey, a known recruiting ace". LOL. I also find it amazing how the Trenton press follows Beagle and Raver's lead. At the beginning of the year the freshman were the best recruiting class ever, an impact class, and Rider wasn't expected to dip far. Now that we've all seen what duds they were, the Rider freshman were 'inexperienced".
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True the freshmen did not have the impact that was desired. However they are very talented. Dempsey also recruited Jason Thompson, Warner and Ryan Thompson along with the 5 freshmen. Maybe just maybe you should allow him time to fill this years recruiting class and next years class before making judgements on his ability.
Rider's freshman ARE NOT talented. They can shoot, but none can dribble and most ominously for Rider, none have the quickness to compete at a D1 level. Mansell and Lamar Johnson may be the worst guard defenders in the league as they are not quick enough to defend.

Camron Warner sucks, by the way, not sure why you'd mention him
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