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Nobody posted. Ha!
They're too busy arguing about the weather in New York State. And I didn't have anything to add that wasn't extremely negative, so I refrained.

Edit: Fortunately, I was at a concert, freezing my ass off last night, and didn't actually have to witness that train wreck.

I kept hearing from other VCU fans how this is a better offensive team yet in the Manhattan game they went 10 minutes without scoring. Oh, it happened again last night. I am tired of watching offensively inept teams. It hurts my eyes and my heart. I just feel like the recent VCU teams show poor decision making and the unnecessary technical fouls are really bothering me. OK, I am in a bad mood. I will stop.
But since you brought it up, VCU fans (assuming Ram Nation) will tend to say those things. Why expect something different at this point? My opinion is that this is Rhoades and his style. And I'm not a fan. He is a great recruiter, and a great leader for the young men. But, he is not a good head coach at basketball in D1.

Speaking of what I've been hearing on VCU, all I've heard this offseason is this is the deepest team Rhoades has ever had. One injury (albeit to our best player) and they fold like origami. There is no direction on the court. The freestyle play may be attractive to recruits, but no one knows what the hell to do out there. Four fgs in the 2nd half? Give me a break.
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