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I have been appointed new Premier of the Secretariat of the Atlantic Division, and charged with cleaning up dissent & and re-ordering the gulag. So, here we are, in the new dark ages.

Obviously since the verticalscope takeover and the ensuing technical problems the traffic here has begun to slow down, except in the Nets forum, but you Nets fans are all insane anyways. I know there's been a ton of discussion about ways to improve traffic and most of it comes to nothing. If anyone has any good ideas, please feel free to discuss them here and I'll try to talk the management into supporting any mad schemes that strike my fancy.

I am always available, except when I'm not. And I wall always be sure to listen to any complaints you might have, unless you bore me in which case I won't . :bsmile:

I can be reached over IM at ehmunro (everywhere but ICQ where I am fighting to get my account back after they took back my six digit number). But on AOHell, Micro$loth Messenger, Yahoo Massacre and GoogleTalk I still have functioning accounts, and it's probably easier to get me there than via email as my email volume is pretty high and I often miss things until I clean out my boxes (or, as oft as not, because I move messages into my To Be Answered folder and promptly forget them). Anyway, the primary function of this place is to have a good time, so let's try to make the place more enjoyable, at which point forum posters will turn up on their own.
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