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Originally posted by PhillyPhanatic
The reason I ask is because first you guys sign Corie Blount, which wasn't mentioned, I'm assuming you guys weren't too in favor of it. :)

And all off season you've had interest in Harpring.

What's next? Raja Bell, Vonteego Cummings, Derrick McKey, Jabari Smith. I warn you guys ahead, of time because all of them on one roster isn't too pretty, so stay away from them. ;)

But seriously, any idea what's going on with that?

Don't forget we've also had Ollie. But wait. You must be a fan of the Bulls because you've had Williams, Blount, Kukoc...

Blount's a natural fit since we drafted him and he knows our system. A number of teams are interested in Harpring and we'd be one of them no matter what team he played for last year.

Thanks for contributing though.

How do the Philly fans feel about AI? You guys understanding or want to see him moved? If you'd like to see him moved, how would you propose doing that?
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