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Originally posted by PhillyPhanatic
The reason I ask is because first you guys sign Corie Blount, which wasn't mentioned, I'm assuming you guys weren't too in favor of it. :)

And all off season you've had interest in Harpring.

What's next? Raja Bell, Vonteego Cummings, Derrick McKey, Jabari Smith. I warn you guys ahead, of time because all of them on one roster isn't too pretty, so stay away from them. ;)

But seriously, any idea what's going on with that?


It seems the 2001-2002 Philly Sixers and 2000 Charlotte Hornets are of great interest to Jerry K.

Philly role call: Corey Blount, Matt Harpring
Charlotte playas: Brad Miller, Eddie Robinson

JK likes East Coast role players I guess and former Bulls first round picks. Holla.

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