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I've heard so much stuff ..signgin hughes,trade deke, trading snow, getting odom, drafting rush, drafting dickau to package to warriors..... i've heard so much stuff , i'll guess well see what happens tommorrow night... anyone got any info on what they might do??

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Originally posted by HEATLUNATIC
Trading Deke is STUPID,hes the 3rd BEST C in the league!They should totally sign Hughes,he would give Ivy some MUCH NEEDED help on O!

Imagine a backcourt of Ivy/Hughes,can u say Run 'n' Gun?!?!
3rd best center... over Shaq, Eddy Curry who will be good, Jamaal Maglorie, are you positive about that LUNATIC?

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I don't find his trade proposal that funny, actually it's quite logical when you consider that Dikembe Mutumbo is one of the few guys outside of Allen Iverson who even has some trade value right? Jamal Magloire is an up and coming center with potential to be a monster which he showed in the playoffs coming off the bench for Elden Campbell.

Jamal Magloire would be a perfect fit, I don't know why you are laughing your @$$ off about that.

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I think that this would be a good deal for the 76ers and the Blazers:

76ers get:

Bonzi Wells, Guard
Dale Davis, Center

Blazers get:

Speedy Claxton, Guard
Dikembe Mutombo, Center

Apparently, a few teams are interested in Claxton. I don't know if Portland is one of them, but he has a lot of potential. In the first 10 games of the season (when AI was injured) Speedy averaged around 20ppg. They were 0-10, but oh well. Portland is looking to somehow trade Stoudamire, so Claxton would be a good fit. They've been trying to acquire Mutombo for a while, so he makes this deal happen.

AI needs another scorer to help him out, Bonzi Wells could come in and score around 18-20ppg for the Sixers. Dale Davis isn't as tall as Deke, but he makes up for it with his effort.

:D :yes: :) ;)
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