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What are the 76ers gonna do??

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I've heard so much stuff ..signgin hughes,trade deke, trading snow, getting odom, drafting rush, drafting dickau to package to warriors..... i've heard so much stuff , i'll guess well see what happens tommorrow night... anyone got any info on what they might do??
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Trading Deke is STUPID,hes the 3rd BEST C in the league!They should totally sign Hughes,he would give Ivy some MUCH NEEDED help on O!

Imagine a backcourt of Ivy/Hughes,can u say Run 'n' Gun?!?!
3rd best center...over Shaq,Eddy Curry who will be good,Jamaal Maglorie,are you positive about that Lunatic?

All I said is that it would be STUPID to trade the 3rd best C in the league!

1. Shaq
2. Zo
3. Deke

What r u talk'n about?
I agree with X,thats a GOOD trade for both teams!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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