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How about this Grant/#10 for Starbury?????

Then u could move Penny to PG and put the rook(i forget his name) at SG.Then all u have to do is draft Stoudemire at #9 and Hilario at #10:yes:!You would have one of the BEST frontcourts in the league in 2 or 3 years:yes:.

C - Tskalidis/Hilario
PF - Grant/Stoudemire
SF - Matrix
SG - ???? the rook
PG - Penny

Im NOT sure who all ur role players are:no:?

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Originally posted by HEATLUNATIC
Ur the one that wants to get RID of Starbury so bad!

I think my post is just about as GOOFY as u saying Matrix and Starbury should be traded!
I am just speaking as a Suns GM standpoint.

I do want Marbury to go but not for B.Grant.
If B.Grant + another decent perimeter player, then I sa\y go for it.
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