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What can we do with Maggette???

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It seems more and more likely that we will not be getting Baron Davis or Andre Miller, and I think we will be just fine with Jaric and Dooling. (Odom handles the ball anyways) So now the question is, what will happen to Maggette? We have no way to give him any minutes. Odom, Miles, Richardson all play his positions and will get the time ahead of him. So, what do we do with him? He is too talented to be buryed on the bench, and I feel like he deserves pt but he cant get it with us. Can we trade him? He was part of the trades for Andre or Baron but now that fell through. What do we do? Same question with Wilcox. It seems we all like Ely better, so what can we do with him?
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Hey jesus

Why do you seem so sure that Odom won't be traded? You do know that he was about 5 seconds away from being a Cav, don't you? The deal was him and the 8 pick, who Cleveland wanted to be Butler, for Miller, but LA picked Wilcox by mistake.
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