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and do you buy Silas's apology?

The ill will Clevelanders felt toward Carlos Boozer apparently extended to the Cavs' coach, too.
Paul Silas phoned Boozer on Wednesday to personally apologize for calling the Jazz forward a vulgarity while speaking to reporters after the Cavs' practice on Monday. Silas also issued a public apology for the remark.
"It was totally inappropriate. It shouldn't have happened," Silas said in Milwaukee, where the Cavs played the Bucks.
Silas believed his informal conversation was off the record, but an electronic broadcaster recorded it and forwarded the tape to a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host, who aired it several times Wednesday.
The Cavs, who gently spoofed Boozer's departure from Cleveland as a free-agent during the teams' game Tuesday night, also apologized for Silas' slur.
"I've spoken to Paul about this and I'm confident that he understands that it was completely inappropriate for him to speak in the terms that he did. He greatly regrets it," Cleveland general manager Jim Paxson said in a statement released by the team.,1249,600119265,00.html
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