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Our lineup looks like this.

PG) 10 Darrell Armstrong 6-1 180 6/22/68 Fayetteville State '91 8
PF) 44 Peter Cornell 6-11 270 6/01/76 Loyola Marymount '98 R
C)55 Andrew DeClercq 6-10 255 2/01/73 Florida '95 7
SF) 8 Pat Garrity 6-9 238 8/23/76 Notre Dame '98 4
C) 54 Horace Grant 6-10 245 7/04/65 Clemson '87
C) 15Rashard Griffith 6-11 270 10/08/74 Wisconsin R
SF) 33 Grant Hill 6-8 225 10/05/72 Duke '94 8
PF) 4 Ryan Humphrey 6-8 235 7/24/79 Notre Dame '02 R
C) 34 Steven Hunter 6-10 224 10/31/81 DePaul '01 1
C) 7 Mario Kasun 7-1 260 4/05/80 Croatia R
PF) 40 Shawn Kemp 6-10 280 11/26/69 Concord HS (IN) 13
SG) 1 Tracy McGrady 6-8 210 5/24/79 Mount Zion Christian Acad.
SF) 50 Mike Miller 6-8 218 2/19/80 Florida '02 2
PF) 00 Olumide Oyedeji 6-10 255 5/11/81 Nigeria 2
PG) 5 Jeryl Sasser 6-6 200 2/13/79 Southern Methodist '01 1
C) 52 Jabari Smith 6-11 250 2/12/77 Louisiana State '00 2
PG) 11 Jacque Vaughn 6-1 190 2/11/75 Kansas '97 5
SF) 3 Jermaine Walker 6-7 225 4/05/77 Miami '97 R

My thoughts were 2 months ago, and we all agreed, that Orlando needed big men, but now since we have 4 Power fowards, and 5 Centers plus some can play both, well I think our big man problems are pretty much solved. And when did Orlando sign Jabari? GREAT SIGN BY THAT MAGIC right there, Jabari is a big young athletic big man we have been looking for, not a great player but I think he can come in and block a few shots and get some tough rebounds for us! But the tables have turned though, now we need a SG, we only have Tracy as a true SG, maybe Sasser can come in a play is but he doesn't have a good jump shot, and Miller is to slow to play it. But all and all, it looked real bad for the Magic over the summer, but I think they drafted very solid and got some good big men in here with Kemp, Smith, Oyedeji!!!! Along with good big men in the draft.

Good Job- Orlando Magic Front Office:yes:

Last sign I think we need to make, since there are not many good SG left, I say we take a shot at Oscar Torres, he is a big 6-6 210 guard, good jump shot, and is agile with upside, but he might be to talented to sit on the bench. So if that doesn't work out I say sign Derrick Dial, small but is athletic enough to guard SG while Tracy rests and Miller or Sasser are in foul trouble. Not a giant sign if they do it but a very solid one, Mitchell Butler would be a option as well.

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We need health most of all.

Got the talent and now some big man depth.. just need healthy players.

I like the fact we've got Humphrey, Jabari Smith, Oyedeji, and Hunter.. all these guys are athletic as hell and all 4 are very young... even if two of them play well, we are in good shape.

I think Oyedeji will be starting at PF by mid-season. We need to keep this guy around. He could be at Ben Wallace level in a year or two.

And I think Kemp is gonna have a strong season.

I cant believe the moron at CNNSI said Orlando's frontcourt is worse than last year. That isnt even possible.
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