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What do you guys expect next year?

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I was just wondering, what do you guys seriously think we'll be able to do next year with the team we'll supposedly have on the court? Do you really think we'll be able to run with the best of them? Do you think that we'll be able to run by most of the weak teams, and then contend against the best of the best?

I certainly don't think so. Why? Because it seems like a lot of pressure to put on a rebuilding team. No matter how much you think it isn't, this Bulls team is rebuilding now. It's not a playoff team. Get that out of your head, PLEASE! We're not even close to contending for the title, much less the playoffs. This is because we had extremely high hopes after last season, and when Paxson didn't deliver this season, he sent us back to the drawing board. Now we have to regroup and rebuild this summer, and putting so much hope on rookies and 3-year players is a recipe for disaster.

I mean, I can remember hearing a LOT of hopefuls here thinking we could still contend with the best of them this season, and how many of you have turned out to be wrong? A lot! Now we need to rely on draft picks to get us back to the promise land. Oh, and although that's almost an impossibility, if it actually can happen, it won't until at least 2007-08. Next year will be another rebuilding year, with the pieces put together, no matter how much you want it to be a contender. We will have to put a new set of pieces together, and see if they can play along. And just think if they don't, then, once again, we'll be thrust into rebuilding mode.

I just wanted to see if you guys had thought of this before beginning to call our draft picks our so-called saviors that will take us to the top. I don't believe this team will be able to contend for at least two to three years, and if things don't go as planned next year, that could be pushed a couple years.

So the question is, do you guys have high expectations next year? Remember that our big acquisitions this offseason are gonna be two rookies, and a couple free agents who may OR may not pan out in time to help us get to the playoffs.
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I think the bulls will make the playoffs next year, my guess is 5th or sixth seed and if they make it past first round i dont see them making it past second. it all depends on what happens over off season.
A more interesting off-season than last year -- unless you happen to like medical dramas.

Hopefully it turns out better than the year when Krause had all the cap money & 6 picks and ended up with Fizer, Crawford, Bagarich, Mercer, Robinson etc. It has taken some time to recover from those misguided manuvers.
We don't need saviors this summer, we just need a complete roster. We went to battle this year without a decent starting quality PF on our roster, and no depth at PF/C beyond Tyson Chandler. We were undermanned in just about every game. Our back court pretty much went into every game knowing that if they didn't outscore their counterpart by a large margin, then we would lose. How defeating is it to know that your front court will produce NOTHING on the offensive end?

We don't need saviors, we need depth and a frontcourt that can produce at least 40 points per game. We need the opposition to know that if they work to foul Chandler out of the game their goint to see Nazr, or Przybilla, or Aldridge, or AD. We need the opposition to know that if they mess with our guards, AD has their backs. Kirk, Ben, and Chris need to know that they don't have to shoot 50% from beyond the arc to win a ball game.

This summer, we have the opportunity to add BOTH star quality AND depth. With that, we will be among the strongest teams in the East, and in a year or two, among the strongest teams. I'll be surprised and disappointed if we are not a top 10 team next year.

As for "running with the best", this year we beat San Antonio, LALaker, Washington, Milwaukee, Memphis, Indiana, Denver, LAClipp, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. We also came within one basket of beating Miami (twice), Phoenix, Cleveland and Sacramento. The only team with whom we were not in the running this season was Detroit, where our closest loss was by 5 points.

As flawed and unbalanced as this roster is, one would have to be the king of pessimists to think that adding 3 or 4 quality vets/high draft picks, along with our own internal development (remember third year is often the breakout season), wouldn't improve our lot a great deal. This roster, in fact, reminds me a lot of our roster in 2003-2004, where most positions balanced their opponent but we had no SF on the roster. I predicted that adding an SF would improve the record drastically. Last season, it did. Next season, balancing the roster will again allow us to accomplish the same.
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If I had a nickel for every blown lead and close loss the Bulls suffered this season...I'd have a $***load of nickels! :)

As Wynn alluded to, we've been just 1 or 2 players away from winning alot more games. We have the means to add those players this summer, which we didn't have last summer (half of a MLE and a LLE, no draft picks). My hope is that in the long run, the step back this season turns out to be worth it.

As for next year? I think it's reasonable to see us repeat the success of 04-05 with around 47 wins and a fairly high playoff seed. We should have little problem filling in the holes in the frontline.
I side with Wynn.

Keep in mind the age of this team. It is not like the knicks situation.
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